New Year Healthier Living

As mentioned in the accountability thread I do well with a bit of competition so if anyone else who wants to lose weight wants to join in we can do a weekly weigh in in here.

Just post weight lost, no need for your actual weight, unless you want to. Shall we go for every Wednesday - a week from today being the first update.

Who’s in?


Will give it a try!

Once I’m home I’ll weigh in for the first time.

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Next Wednesday it is. Current weight for accountability: 270 big uns


2018 start - 83 kg
2018 end - 77 kg
2018 lowest - 75 kg
2019 target - 70 kg

So, same again moreorless


Gained 2kg over Christmas :upside_down_face:


i need to do this because i am well aware i’m the heaviest i’ve ever been and yet i never weigh myself - this might shock me into actually doing something about it (alongside the fact that i don’t fit comfortably into half my wardrobe at the moment and looking at all the useless clothes gives me severe anxiety)

I knew I was at my heaviest but haven’t weighed myself since summer and I’m a stone heavier than what I thought was my heaviest. I need to lose about 3.5 stone but want to lose 5. Eugh.

Sure. Will try and stick with it this time. My endocrinologist said she’ll be mad at me if I show up in May not having lost a fair amount of wait and she’s the nicest person so I would feel terrible.

Found the suitcase at Christmas with my clothes from a few years ago all in size small and they’re such good clothes (the kind I couldn’t afford nowadays), so that’s given me a kick of motivation.



we can do it scout!

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Weighed myself on Boxing Day, was pleasantly shocked at the results. As such I’m aiming to cut the booze right back and then reduced my bread eating/gluten intake. Even without exercising, this should see some weight loss. Going to be back on the bike once life has settled down a bit for exercise.

I’m using 18st 10 (118kgs) as a starting weight and want to be down to 16st (101kgs) by my wedding in August.


I don’t have scales at my house, but my parents do have a set at theirs, so every Christmas I make sure to weigh myself after Christmas dinner, and then again, post post-prandial poo.

12st 0lb > 11st 12lb in just five minutes.


I weighed myself when I was in labour then when I got home and I’d only lost 6 pounds (was hoping to be at least a whole stone different from one day to the next.

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Forgot this



i lost a whole stone in a week when in hospital in 2017, really should’ve kept that up but just ate loads of malteasers and drank loads of ribena whilst i was off sick from work and then just got fatter from there once i could drink again. sigh.

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Argh I’m huge. I’m in for this but not very confident in my ability to actually make it happen. Want to lose 2 stone this year and I think then one more the year afterward. It’s probably a fantasy tbh.

You can do it :blush:


I knock off half a stone for my wazzo jugs. :heart_eyes:


I saw once (maybe on trinny and susanna but I could be dreaming that part up) where they worked out how to weight your boobs and it was something to do with a bowl of water and popping your boob in the bowl of water so all the water comes out then you take away the water thats left from the water that you started with and thats how you get how much your boobs weigh


oh my god

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The old Archimedes principle