New Year Healthier Living


Hmm!! Maybe you need to have a bit of trial and error with some healthier alternatives? Summer is easier cause i think it makes you wanna eat fruit more? I eat a few watermelons a week in the summer and that’s just free sweetness


Nothing has ever worked the same as chocolate. It’s hard to describe the effect it has on me when I’m in a state, but it pretty much feels like magic. Sadly has to be a fairly large quantity to work though.

Hopefully losing weight will help to lessen my depression therefore reducing my cravings?


Eating too much bread. But it’s always dead cheap reduced when I’m in the shop.


Either doing pretty well or my scales are unreliable


Made a packed lunch today of pittas with marjoram/lemon zest halloumi and rocket, homemade hummus, and carrot sticks. Obviously ate half of it before midday and it was all gone by 12.15 :eyes: going to be a long afternoon


No, I totally know what you mean. I used to be full on addicted to dairy milk chocolates. I’d go through a share bag of twirl bites a day, just grabbing a handful for breakfast, before dinner, and finishing the bag after dinner.

The thing with cravings is the more you have it, the more you want it. So yeah, you’re craving chocolate at the moment because you’ve gone (how many?) days without it now. But the longer you abstain from that craving, the less likely you’ll have it.

I was only able to kick the chocolate habit by going cold turkey by going vegan. I have vego bars and dark chocolate but I don’t crave chocolate in the same way at all that I used to. Obviously I fell massively off the wagon and gorged on chocolate for an entire week over Christmas and the first few days after not eating chocolate all day long, I was all jittery and miserable and just wanted more chocolate. But now 10 days without it, I’m back to not craving it again.

You just have to shop around and see what works for you as a sweet alternative. Or just clean your teeth :laughing: Then you won’t want it. Or I also find that herbal tea or hot chocolates work for me too if I feel I want something sweet after dinner.


i’ve never been too bothered about chocolate in particular, but that’s the only thing that works for me. if i have a bit of something i’ll just end up eating loads of it.

each to their own though


Absolute nightmare when you’re trying to kick the habit of eating Christmas Dinner leftovers from the fridge though


I binned everything on new years day. I’m an all or nothing person for sure.


I massively have problems with like “ohh i’ll just have a tiny bit more” then before you know it, i’m shoveling cake into my gob, leaning over the bin in a way that’s like “if I eat it really quickly and throw some of it away, it doesn’t really count”

i’m not about that life any more


Can’t comprehend a world where leftovers make it to new year


Don’t have the hugest sweet tooth, but whenever I want to binge chocca, I do dark chocolate and shave it over like porridge or granola or a rice cake… A small amount always looks a lot bigger when shaved imo and it tricks my mind at least


Think about the utter devastation when just the other day bf goes into the freezer and exclaims “we didn’t eat the bacon wrapped cheese!!!”




I deserve a Nando’s


new marketing campaign idea: “if anyone deserves peri peri chicken, your Nan does”

then a picture of someone taking their nan to nandos



Maximum cheeky.


Going vegan made me stop having those cravings altogether (was also in the share chocolate bags per day club). I don’t even really want a vegan alternative or if do it’s more occasional rather than an obsession


If someone put a share bag of haribo in front of me at any time it would be gone inside 5 minutes


I have the problem the dark chocolate is already my go-to for a chocolate binge, so even my efforts to try and cut right back on dairy can’t reduce that :frowning:

Tbh, I wish I had the circumstances/will to go vegan as it would cut out a lot of the other things I will eat unhealthy amounts of.