New Year Healthier Living


I used to be a sweet person but now I love crisps and stuff like that more! I think that has a lot to do with the vegan stuff.

I think i’m quite spoiled for choice now cause I have so many health food shops and places to get vegan cakes/treats nearby but this week I haven’t fancied anything? Just feel more like I should have a treat


Ah! That may be a problem then. But I don’t think dark chocolate is that bad for you cause it doesn’t have as much sugar in and sugar is the thing that will stop you losing weight?


When eaten in quantities though, especially as it isn’t something as widely available in single serving bars :grimacing:

I need to make a lot of change really to loose weight, but I am probably to lazy/weak to do most of it. Should give up on the idea of ever being back to a healthy position really.


There’s an app called SoSweat that gives you work outs you can do in your lounge. You do have to pay for it to get the full version but it’s good to provide you a 20 min workout that’ll actually get you working a bit, with different body-weight exercises and things. Jogging isn’t really going to do anything compared to exercises like burpees, lunges and squats.


@Scout Davina videos are really good for this, you can download them onto you iPad and you barely need any space for them.


good shout - my missus like a good workout video


Yeah, I used to do these back when I was thin and exercise obsessed, but my knees can’t handle them anymore so trying to find a good alternative.


Thanks. I’ve got the Sweat app and I do that one everyday but it’s a bit pricey and all yh3 squats kill my knees. I’ve seen a way to do squats with an exercise ball behind your back that’s meant to help with that so I need to give that a try.


I reckon dancing around your flat with head phones on would be effective (and good fun!)


Haven’t you started upping the exercise recently with a bit of cycling? I always think you shouldn’t do too much at once so maybe focus on doing the exercise stuff first, then the food stuff.


Going to totally smash it this week lads


You can do it scout!! :muscle:

Reckon I’ll start in a couple of weeks, when I’m not working away and after 2 beer festivals :sweat_smile:


Down 1.5kg since NYD, but I suspect a chunk of that is just to do with hydration levels. Still, heading in the right direction.


Weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 1kg. I’m ok with that. I did a lot of exercise and ate quite well so week one was good.

Fucking tired though.


Also done 11 days without booze. Kind of have a little feeling I’d like a glass of wine or prosecco this weekend but I probably won’t (running tomorrow morning and teaching spin on Sunday so no point really)


I’ve ordered the fancy scales in this thread.

Walked to/from work(6miles total) every day ive been in the office so far.

Probably dont really need to lose any weight per se, just loose a bit of a beer gut and improve general fitness.


5lb down this week. Think the fact that this is a group of about 60 and I am easily the most overweight person in it has been a bit of a wake up call. Might try actually following the plan this week, ate an awful lot of junk over the last few days…


Lost 3lb since the 2nd of Jan. Haven’t been eating particularly well, just massively trying to cut out after dinner snacks. Been walking to and from work every day and haven’t had a drink since NYD. Next for some exercise equipment. Anybody recommend anything cheapish for geberal fitness? I walk a fair bit anyway so don’t really need a treadmill, was thinking maybe a cross trainer?


Well done!


Pretty much this for me. My general fitness levels are terrible, and due to injury and cba I hadn’t exercised in ages.

I have skinny arms and legs but a bit of a beer gut coming on. I’m just over 13st at 6’2.

I’ve eaten a lot healthier this week, had no beer, been to gym three times and gone for walks at lunch.

Historically I’ve been around 12st. But I don’t want to lose that much. 12 and a half will do.