New Year Healthier Living


I have switched from beer to white wine


I’ve lost 2.5 pounds this week, despite being over my calorie target almost every day. I think it’s purely down to not drinking. Need to step up the exercising and cut out the snacks if I want to stay on track.


Might start an exercise thread for people that don’t really exercise.


That could be useful. I do go running now and again but the running thread appears to be full of people who know what they’re doing which has never been my scene.


I’m in there and it’s only my second Parkrun in a good few years. I’m really not a runner! They’re just as encouraging in there of me, someone who barely runs, as they are of the marathon runners!
I just find it helpful to use it as a place to log my runs etc/get a bit of advise on how to speed up and stuff.


@colossalhorse if the running thread is anything like the cycling thread they will be very welcoming of beginners and happy to share knowledge and give encouragement :slight_smile:


Oh I’m sure everyone is lovely it’s just I’ve been sort of chipping away at couch 2 5k for what feels like most of my adult life and I’ve still never managed to run 5k (despite taking part in a 10k last August for some reason). I guess I’m embarrassed to show my face around proper runners?

It’s definitely me not them anyways!


if i managed to stay away from chocolate for a week i’d be amazed with myself.


Everyone is really nice in the running thread and will probably be able to give you some good advice if you do want to get up to 5k

Not that you have to have that as an aim of course!


Yeah I can understand that feeling.
But the way I look at it is the way I look a doing Parkrun. The first person finishes when I’m under halfway through the 5km. But we’re both doing the same thing. We’re both out there at 9am on a Saturday, we’re both pushing it to our maximum. It doesn’t matter that you do it in 18 mins and I do it in 35, we’re the same! And we’re both runners even if you’re fast and don’t stop and I walk every so often.

Basically fuck them and fuck the dude who pushed me at the start of the race this morning. The amount of pricks like that are far fewer than the massively encouraging runners.

Rant over :joy:


There’s a small gym near St Werburghs which is cheap, no contract, seems quite community-minded, etc. Not been myself. Doesn’t have a creche but you can drop-in for £3-£4 so might be feasible during term-time, idk.


The vegan contents (I think its all of them) are in Meow’s post up there.
FYI most the ‘slow’ can be made in like an hour and half so not massively time consuming.

Here’s the veggie ones, (might be sisideways sorry)


Oooo cheers man! :smiley:

sweet potatoes with taleggio
aubergine and fennel gratin
basil and thyme roasted onions

Herby roasted peppers
crispy sprouts and artichoke gratin

Crispy Gnocchi
Cauliflower Steaks


Did my first park run of the year, took me all my strength not to run home till about 10 minutes in but then I enjoyed it. My lungs were burning to fuck but I felt glad for doing it. I’ve started following a few of you guys on Strava


week 1

Change: -8 lbs

Confirmed a long held suspicion that I actually have a very fast metabolism it is just no match for my appetite.

Seriously though is this normal, I haven’t even done anything except decide to lose weight, missed a couple of meals due to weird sleep patterns. Is it because I am so far overweight to begin with


I seem to lose weight when I’m not sleeping much? That’s a crazy amount to lose in a week though!


Are you weighing yourself at the same time/ state of dress?

Your weigh will fluctuate over the day (I always link to the same Guardian article where this happens) and you’re obviously heavier wearing clothes than without (and some clothes heavier than others etc.)


got @japes scottish sweets parcel arriving soon, will be interesting to see the effect on this line chart


I think the first reading was an anomaly, it was in the evening when I first tried out the scales. the others while done at different times in the day, were all done under the same conditions (i.e as soon as I got out of bed, just happened that could be anytime between 10am and 2pm as i’ve been off work and my sleep has been all over the place).

That uptick at the end is explainable, I had a chicken katsu burger in the pub, 2 reeces eggs and a malteaster bunny, and a burger king in the evening yesterday. today I went to the harvester, probably cancelled out my progress


In the first week it’s quite normal to lose a large amount, a lot if it through ‘water weight’ - so if you’ve upped your water drinking it means something like you stop holding onto water unneccesarily. And even minor changes can mean a big calorie deficit to begin with, last week I only lost a pound but literally all I did was stop buying chocolate and even had 4 binges on nutella and bread so to lose anything shows how much crap I was eating before.

And yes in the evening I can weigh up to 5 pounds heavier than I do in the morning. So if your first one was evening that will explain a lot of it.