New Year Healthier Living


I hate core too. It just feels like so much more effort than anything else.

I hate my belly hurting too, I’m sure it makes me think I’m hungrier than I am so I eat loads more. Stupid core!

I do like having a stronger core though, it really helps with the climbing.


The only useful unsolicited advice from a fellow gym user I’ve ever gotten is that it helps to concentrate on the main muscles you want to use for any exercise - so for push ups it would be chest (mainly), biceps and triceps.


Jesus I really need to commit, my metabolic age is 48. Just a cool 15 years over my actual age.


yeah I go beetroot within about five minutes


Think I want @meowington to be my personal trainer.


I played football for the first time since December. Scored four and do not feel like shit afterwards.


I probably have no idea what I’m doing


You sound like you do, and also you’d be great at motivating I reckon :+1:


Was doing well with being veggie then I got some meat through the post from @profk and it’s hard not to eat it all in a day


Ahh thank you so much! :two_hearts:

Maybe my next raffle prize will be a gym session with me :joy:




OK I’m in, I’ve bought rooibus tea and everything, it’s not even that bad


I finally made it onto the scales for the first time this year earlier. The scales weren’t in the usual place because they’d been moved to weigh our bags before we went away, and I was going out of my way to look for them because I was a bit worried about how much I’d put on, being away for a month eating out loads and having lots of ice cream. Thankfully though, it was only about 3lb. I’ve got the fitbit back on again now too, so hopefully I’ll lose what I put on fairly quickly.


3 pounds down.

I had a whole daytime to myself yesterday so I swam for an hour, walked a couple of miles then went for a run. Really wish I could do that more often.


Diet status: ate almost a whole jar of Maltesers spread straight from the jar last night




Would have been, but for the word ‘almost’


Got to leave some for his partner


And it’s that selflessness that truly makes a hero. Good point.


The only reason I didn’t eat more is that it wasn’t full to begin with.

Ms Horse didn’t even know we had it. And now she never will…