New Year Healthier Living


I really need to lose weight, aiming to go down to 65ish kg which will be alright for my 173cm, just want to be healthy and strong and fat loss will be a byproduct of my efforts, im aiming to swim a couple of times a week, skip daily and cycle on weekends. Ive got 2 bags of huel as well, i hate it so much but it really helps my lazy self when i cba to cook. I feel like a bellend whenever i take out the big dumb bottle in public


I knock off half a stone for my wazzo jugs. :heart_eyes:


I saw once (maybe on trinny and susanna but I could be dreaming that part up) where they worked out how to weight your boobs and it was something to do with a bowl of water and popping your boob in the bowl of water so all the water comes out then you take away the water thats left from the water that you started with and thats how you get how much your boobs weigh


oh my god


The old Archimedes principle


What a dirty old bollocks that man was


It was T&S!




and I did just that back in 2007!


88.4kg when I weighed myself last night. That’s a good 24kg more than my old running weight. Here goes nothing…


yeah I reckon my tits weigh a lot


will weigh in on friday. i will not be weighing my breasts.


how much you knocking off for your tackle though?


Erect or flaccid?


Hmmm, erect would mean more weight taken off, but would also mean you’d need a lob on each time you were weighed.

How sexy do you find bathroom scales?


Weighing in at 10st5lbs. Still a healthy BMI but I don’t like how my body looks and I need to get more physically fit.


And kids, that’s why daddy isn’t allowed to attend weight watchers anymore


Weighed myself this morning. 19st7 (123kg). I’ve given myself til Easter to get to 18st (height is 6’6 or 198cm) I haven’t been walking to work as much as I was, and was down to 18st12 or so just after summer and it’s all piled back on. Going to make some dietary changes first and foremost.
I’m going to walk to work every day, and get a second hand crossfit thing or exercise bike or maybe a rowing machine. If I can get some prescription goggles (my eyesight is appalling and I hate not being able to see properly) sorted I want to start swimming too.


did not realise you were 6’6

quite a lot of tall people on this website eh


Yeah. No offense to @MartyFunkhouser, but I would never have guessed that he was that tall from his selfies.