New Year Healthier Living


I’m in for this. I’m probably about 100 kilos, breasts included


any good smart scales/apps


absolutely not the garmin one

dunno about any others


this one seems cheap and has decent reviews


Next time I’ll stand in a doorway for scale!


Please do!


Here you go!


Even with a photo I still don’t believe it


Cheating. That door is far away


I can confirm it isn’t. I walked into it just after I took the photo.


Sainsbos are selling their excess mince pie stock. 20p for four. FOUR.

Good job I’m running most days, and that they’ll all be out of date by mid Jan. Christ!


dont Know about weight, but my trousers are too tight and I can’t wear this leather jacket I really like, and a suit that isnt that old

Back on the running tomorrow after about a year break! Back to c 2 5 k!

Would like to drop back down to a 32 waist


Good luck all and don’t be too hard on youtselves!


Standing on a stepladder, innit.


ordered these scales


I was at a six year high of 96kg before Christmas, so guessing I’ll be at 100kg by now (Eaten a shitload the last couple of weeks).

I’m aiming for 75kg, just so I can fit back into the expensive cycling gear I bought in 2013, because bollocks to buying all that again.


Sounds like me, just I’m a fair whack heavier.


I don’t really intend to lose weight this year but it really wouldn’t hurt me to shed 5kg or so

currently; 86kg (1.90m)


anyone else need to put on weight? i can see my ribs


I probably should but I don’t want to


Same here. I ate so much in the past 3 weeks away in Taiwan… and nothing changed - seemingly stuck at 55kg for my adult life.