New Year Healthier Living


Just a quick note - I know you mean no harm Scout, but could you possibly alter the thread title if poss? I have a friend with anorexia / eating disorders and that language (especially this time of year) isn’t ideal. It’s ok if you can’t, but it’s something I wouldn’t spot if I didn’t know her.

New Year Heathier Living perhaps?


Weighed myself for a laugh this morning, it’s telling me I’ve lost 5lbs already. If I continue at this rate (and I surely will) then I’ll have completed my goal of 40lbs by the 20th of January. Piece of piss.


Of course, sorry. I don’t mean for it to encourage or promote anything like that. Let me see if I can change it.


@moderators can you help? I can’t seem to change it from my phone at least.


Weighed myself yesterday… last time I weighed myself was November… before a 3 week holiday and Christmas :grimacing:

I’m 2m tall and currently weigh 93.5kg.

I won’t be able to play every week (due to work or my being home etc) but will post as regular/near to as when I can.

Good luck everyone


Done my first weigh in for the year: 241lb :weary:

On the plus side I didn’t put that much on over xmas I guess. Unfortunately I was already at my all time heaviest before I started.

Aiming to get down to the cruiserweight fighting limit of 200lbs by my wedding in November. I’d like to lose a bit more but I’d be happy with that.

Gonna get back to running after several months off on Monday.


It’s fine and something I totally wouldn’t think twice about if I didn’t know her.


+3kgs over christmas :pig:

so, reckon my target is 11kgs to lose.


I don’t weigh myself but judge weight loss via belt holes. My aim is to eventually fit into some old clothes that currently feel a bit too tight and, to quote an ex of mine, make me look like a jacket potato.


please don’t tell me this



Anyway, Clive is now cooking now or very low carb meals only. We’re talking less than 4g of carbs per day. No fruit except citrus. Yoghurt for breakfast, with satsuma pieces. Salad for lunch. Steak and salad for dinner. No pasta, no potatoes, no rice. (Weeps with despair and frustration.)


Pasta is definitely a type of salad


“no” or very low carb.


a satsuma is probably between 5-10g, same with 100g of yoghurt.

you sure you don’t mean 40g of carbs per day?


Maybe 40g, then. I just do what I’m told. I need to research this so that I can argue with him.


It amazes me how much you can weigh later in the day compared to first thing.

Potty training has driven me to stress eating the last few day so whatever you lose I’ll probably gain (wish I’d never remembered the jar of Nutella in my cupboard!)


I have a pack of four at home and a six pack in my drawer at work. I might have a problem.

(For anyone just reading this, no I’m not an alcoholic)

  • Now: 71kg
  • Goal: 65 kg

Let’s do this. Have already binned off booze and crap food, and a week into the new season’s race training.


Weighing in at 72kg.
Pretty happy with that tbh but wouldn’t mind popping just below the 70kg mark but then again I am also trying to get bare muscley so who knows!