New Year Healthier Living




Pretty sure you can freeze them, no?


After losing two stone I’ve put a bit back on over Christmas. Starting back up again next sat with a 3 month challenge again. Hoping to lose at least another stone or so.




I’ve been buying them on the way home each day this week. There’s a stockpile. For working through tonight and this weekend.


Think I’m going to go to slimming world tomorrow. Hate the product promotion and faux science and basically the whole group thing, but I lost a couple of stone last time (not through following the plan particularly, just using it for accountability). There’s one in the town at 7.30 am on Saturdays which might be quite convenient.


On new year’s day at Co-op the lady was pushing a trolley with marked down items and Clive picked up something that was £2.40 and said, “Can you do a better reduction on this?” She got out her price labelling thing and swiped on a 40p sticker and said, “Happy new year!” with a grin. I was incredulous.


Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Me in ‘actually doing thing I said I was going to do’ shocker. Was alright tbh, group leader was quite funny and there was minimal product promotion. Went to Aldi afterwards though and a woman from the group was there and kept giving me suggestions. Torn between being intensely uncomfortable and finding it actually quite nice to be spoken to in public.


think i’m gonna ease off the booze as much as i can for the next month or so

won’t do the waistline any harm


I want to be interviewed for an article like this in forty years’ time


I stayed off the booze for three months, drinking only soda and lime when out. It made no difference whatsoever. weeps uncontrollably


haha you shouldn’t be telling me this :shushing_face:


Stick to gin/vodka and diet/slimline mixers or white wine and you can still drink. Clive has type 1 diabetes so we’re aiming to be low carb and that in itself is good for losing weight while still eating healthily.


I know they are a bit of an industry but I think slimming world etc are great in terms of educating portion size and balanced meals.

Nice to do it with group support too I reckon.


Today i’ve eaten:

3 x Magnums
7 x packets of Walkers crisps
1 x pack of cheese-stuffed peppers
1 x large pack of Manomasa tortilla chips


Yeah, I’m not off to a roaring start myself. Potty training related stress eating, mostly Nutella related.


Pretty much every female in my in-laws family does slimming world and they really like it and have loads of friends through it. Can’t say if it’s ‘effective’ per se but socially at least it’s a really effective.


What flavour manomasa?


Black olive and somethingorother.

They were incredible, but looking on their website they might be pretty MOR by their standards, idk.