New Year Healthier Living


They’re my favourites tbh, though probably the most standard ones. Lunya have a good range of them


Weight: 15 stone 2.8 lb
Height: 5’9

didnt realise I was this far gone, hope this scale automatically resizes and ive not hit the max

Target weight: 11 stone
Target height: 5’11


quite surprised by this, in my adult life i’ve probably never been less than 13 stone, but when I have been 13 stone that has seemed about the right weight, the idea of 9 stone seems ridiculous


It’s a range for a reason… BMI is an incredibly blunt instrument.


Fair fucks


Obviously the best thing to do after a break from exercise is to get back on the horse with gusto! I mean, it was only a week or so, so I can do more squats with a heavier load than I’ve done before. No probs.

Can’t walk today. :woozy_face:


34.7 :sunglasses:

Was over 35 this time last week so I’ll take it.

I’m in this weird zone where dieting is quite easy at the moment and it feels hard to remember how difficult it is most of the time. It’ll probably hit me in a few days, I’ve not had a run this good (literally six days lol) for a long time.


I cycled in today for the first time in about three weeks and my legs had absolutely nothing in them.


Took the lift up one floor today. No regrets.


One week update;

Meat eaten - one McDonald’s
Alcohol drank - one beer

Weight change - 1kg. Scales aren’t that accurate though so not saying that’s a certainty.

Off out Saturday but only for a couple drinks.


I can identify with this - I’ve always been quite stocky and I think losing the full stone and a bit required to get me into a healthy weight would mean I’d look really ill.

Haven’t weighed myself this year and intend on ignoring the scales until the end of the month when I can get a bit more control over my diet and exercise.


Yeah, I’m underweight at the moment, currently a bit below my BMI (8 stone at 5’8"). I feel perfectly fine though.


I realised this morning that due to other events, I won’t have a chance to do much exercise at all this month.

I’ve joined a gym - I’m update you in February as to how much I spent per visit.


anyone got any decent, healthy slow cooking/one pot slam in the oven type things?

my current arsenal is:

spanish beer chicken (not massively healthy)
chicken cacciatore

think thats it


Get on the #tinlads train!


are there any recipes in this book available online for free?





the escalivada recipe looks nice. anyone had a go on that?


can you copyright a recipe?