New Year Healthier Living


obviously I´ve cooked roasted vegetables in a tin before btw


Yeah I have.

It’s nice but it’s basically just roasted veg innit.


have you done any of the weird curry in a roasting tin ones?


The literal text is probably a copyright work, a list of ingredients probably isn’t. The resulting dish isn’t, but you could patent it, theoretically.


Look, you did ask.


Yeah I’ve made the groundnut one but it wasn’t so good.

This is what i’ve made so far. Gado Gado and stick rice are the best ones I think


ty e



The kale and borlotti minestrone is good (got far too much of it so it’s dinner again tonight). As is the rainbow tabbouleh


Oh actually i’ve made that too!

I need to do the tabbouleh cause i lurve me some tabbouleh


Same. Fucked up the vegan healthy angle by bunging a load of loumz on it :man_shrugging:


I have only glanced over the veggie ones in the book and really they’re similar/vegan recipes with an egg or some cheese?

(I did make the goats cheese, courgette and asparagus tart over xmas with some leftover goats cheese and MY GOD was that divine)


I’m tempering my asparagus intake because I like it but it’s spenny and jesus christ it gives me smelly wee


i love asparagus wee though


You’re not meant to drink it


Bear Grylls would say otherwise


2019 started with sciatica, which I’ve never fucking had before so that was nice. Anything over miderate exercise is out.


I did the tamarind sprouts. It was nice but I love sprouts. I left peanuts out because I don’t like them on meals but maybe replacing them with something else for texture would be good.




Pickled onion Monster Munch