New Year Healthier Living


You’ll get there! I’ve been with my PT for nearly a year now and I’m only just starting to use the big boy toys, it took me a good few months just to get to the bit with dumbbells and benches even. I felt like I had to really know what I was doing form-wise before I felt I could use any free weights at all.


@wileycat you are smashing it! congrats!

I’m not losing weight at the moment because I’ve been eating a fair amount. The important thing is that I’m still exercising and eating more healthy stuff, cos I normally give up on that stuff the second I succumb to fast food.

Lost 20lbs in the first third of the year, the plan is to lose a further 12-15lbs by the end of August. Should be manageable, because this year has been a huge lifestyle change I’m quite happy to take it slowly, I don’t really feel like I’m dieting- it all feels natural.

Circumstances mean I’ll be having fish and chips for my next three lunches so I’ll try to get back on it properly at the weekend- I do miss that feeling of stepping on the scales and seeing improvement.




there’s a fish and chips truck at my work for the next three days

what, you expect me to eat healthily?



Totally legitimate circumstances, carry on


I’ve plateaued a bit since before Easter because my football games keep getting cancelled and it was a stressful time at work so I was not exercising much and eating too much.

I’m going to join the gym again over the summer to get into some good routines.


Want to play badminton sometime?


Are you any good?

Wor Lass has never beaten me and we destroyed her friends the last time we played doubles.

I’m also not totally sure I know the rules.

Edit: But, yes.


Are you trying to say you are good?

I haven’t played for ten years so I’m going to say I am not.


I didn’t want to agree to a game and then get soundly whooped!

I’m OK but haven’t played in a while either.


I think that’s very unlikely.

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I know how this little scam works: You suggest playing for money to keep it interesting and then I end up owing you all of my future earnings plus pension and equity.

I’m out.

Not really, obviously.

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Well I have been working on my arm muscles recently…


10st 5 1/2

Not been posting as much in this thread but yeah, all going good!


4lb this week (3st 6lb overall)

1lb of that was probably because I didn’t bother with a hoodie for the first time though.


you’re a machine WC. well done!

have you got a final target you’re shooting for? can’t remember if you said… or you just going to see how it goes?


63kg is my first target as it’s the first weight in the healthy BMI range. Will probably ultimately shoot for mid-50s. So about 4 stone to go :weary:


you’re doing amazing, just keep at it

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afternoon workouts are so much easier, huh? first time i’ve been to the gym in the pm for months

had food first, limbered up plenty, took big rests in between sets, then easily pulled last week’s 3RM for 8.

wish i could lift at this time every day.

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It really is about time
Just having the time to stretch properly
To do enough warm up sets and get your technique set and muscle memory going
To chill between sets not worrying that you’ve gotta be out by X

Are you following a lifting plan like 5x5 stronglifts?