New Year Healthier Living

So in my two months of not really doing anything towards this, I put 5lbs back on. Lost 3 of them this week so hopefully by next week I’ll be making progress again.


Put on about four pounds on holiday - I was only away for a week! Seem to have lost most of it now though, and I haven’t had the opportunity to exercise as much as I’d like this week too, so I should be back to normal next week I hope.

Started regularly attending 6.30am gym classes. Only 30 minutes long but hard work and fun. Recommended if you can find them at your local lesuire centre

Under 250lbs for the first time in 5 years :grinning:

Just 18lbs more and I’ll no longer be considered ‘obese’ on the BMI scale… 100% doing this by the end of the year, hopefully far before.


I’m just under the Obese line.

Overweight Club :fist:

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Can’t wait to be overweight! :laughing:


Got my 3 month health ‘mot’ tonight - will be interesting so see if I’m marginally less unhealthy.

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So had this tonight - have made some improvements although curiously after going to the gym 6 days/week my VO2 max is exactly the same as three months ago :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

That’s not unusual tbh Laelfs. Unless you’re doing max effort workouts regularly or have made huge strides your aerobic capacity won’t move a whole lot even though you’re likely fitter.

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Ah really? I expected some improvement because I feel fitter but I guess it’s early days.

Yeah, often your strength, stamina or speed give out first and the improvements you make early on are incremental in terms of aerobic capacity. How were they testing it out of interest. Some kind of treadmill or cycle test?

No it’s at rest, which puzzles me quite a bit

Oooh. That is interesting. I’ll go read up later :slight_smile:

There’ll be all sorts of other things going on alongside VO2max that will be making you fitter already! Improving use of glucose and storage of glycogen happens pretty quickly and will keep you from getting tired, for example.

As Zeal said, unless you’re doing a lot of high intensity exercise or long duration steady state exercise - basically anything where you’re gonna get lactic acid build up - your VO2max is only change very gradually. There’s not really a physiological need for it unless you’re regularly doing that.