New Year Healthier Living


I’ve liked the idea for comedy value but the mix of those ingredients is giving me a bit of boke.


Happy weigh-in day!!!

I’ve lost 5lbs this week. A good start, even if it is a bit like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic.


Starting weight - 74.4kg
Today - 73.6kg
Loss this week - 0.8kg
Total - 0.8kg


Oh yes for the sake of keeping track:

Starting weight: 270
Week 1: 265



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Lost 1.8kg this week. (81.1 kg down to 79.3)

Been using Samsung Health on my phone which has been pretty handy, don’t really like calorie counting but even just a loose idea of what I’ve been eating has helped a lot when I’ve been thinking about having that biscuit at the end of the day.


lost 0.25 kg… which tbf I’ve not started dieting yet… just a couple of runs.


Well I had a terrible first week and didn’t really make much effort m.

But I at least stayed away from chocolate.

Only lost 1 pound (or 0.45kg)



think I weigh about 76kg


That’s a step in the right direction, don’t feel down about it :+1:


A pound a week is fine!


I think I’ve overdone it exercise wise this week. I feel fucked and it’s only Wednesday.


alright, the dwp


Foam rolling like a champion now, feeling way less fatigued after gym/training

Also got myself a peanut massage roller and my lower back is having a happy 2019


Joined the Gym for the first time in my life last week. First time I’ve exercised in about 15 years and i’m a fatty.
Been 4 times actually enjoying it, thought it’d be full of knobheads but everyone leaves everyone else alone. Was just gonna do treadmill and bikes to get my general fitness up to start with but i’ve had a bash at most things, even started using the weights yesterday.
Did the HIT 10/20 settings thing on the Dual Action Leg and Arm bike thing and nearly died first time, now i can do a couple of sessions. Mad the cardio improvement after even a few days. Sure that’ll plateau soon though


I’d really like to join a gym. But there’s only a couple of really expensive ones that also have a creche and it’s got a 45 minute limit and you still have to pay extra each time to use it.


I’ve joined a council one in Wakefield.It’s £23 a month, set out like a crossfit one and all new equipment. Gives you access to the pool as well but i don’t like swimming.

Don’t know about Manchester as the most exercise i did while living there was walking to the pub, getting a creche one must be a nightmare


the assault bike? those things are brutal man

just had five minutes on one but remember how quickly my opinion changed. was like
10 seconds “what’s hard about this?”
30 seconds “oh yeah actually, there we go”
1 minute “please help me”



10 seconds hard 20 seconds slower rest for 8 reps.

First time i tried it i thought it was easier than it was and when i got off i had to have a 5 minute sit down and then my legs were still well wobbly.
There’s a 20/10 setting but i think i’d actually die if i tried that


My friend runs a gym class in a pub hall locally that is for mums and babies/kids so you basically just plonk your baby in the corner whilst she does the class. It’s only £8.

I wonder if theres something like that up near you?