New Year Healthier Living

I have significantantly more stretch marks from putting on weight the last couple of years* than I ever got from being pregnant :frowning:

*recently actually got weighed and I am two and a half stone up on my post-childbirth weight :-1:

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:slightly_frowning_face: shitter innit mate. most of mine were there from puberty but the weight I gained over the past couple of years just opened them up again, (gross) have nightmares about them bleeding sometimes.

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They really are rubbish, itchy in this sort of weather too :-1:

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A very good friend of mine used bio oil and cocoa oil on surgical scars to see loads of improvements. I know stretch marks are different and it might not have as big of an effect on older marks but could be worth a go.
Apparently bio oil is cheap in Primark.
Sure you’re a babe though pal, don’t worry about it too much, body issues always affect ourselves far more than over people and if it feels nice to have the sun on your skin then go for it.

ha cheers man

I’m sure you’re right (not about the babe bit). seems impossible to extend the same kindness to yourself that comes naturally for friends, or even strangers, innit.

I think the oils are good for new scars but some of mine are nearing drinking age now, so not so much.

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Aloe vera gel might help too x

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I have a lot of stretch marks on my inner thighs and my love handles but tbh i don’t pay too much attention to them. Never tried to get rid of them. I also have a big scar across half of my stomach from an operation when i was a baby so i guess thats why i’m not bothered by scars as such
more bothered by my cellulite on my thighs and bum (why tho?!) and being so pale that I can see all my veins and inside bits on my legs.


Ladies of dis - I want to buy a new gym bag - any good ideas of where to buy a nice one?

Much love to you my darling xxx

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I don’t use one because I have hire a locker at the gym and I just take home leotards, bras,) shorts and socks for washing at the end of each week (I just stuff them into my work bag). However, I do quite like this kind of thing (i’m sure you could find an unbranded one too)-[4]=17

if it wasn’t for the spends I’d have this-[4]=11632

2nd one is well swish! Hiring a locker would be ideal as most of the stuff I carry around is on the off chance that I might go for a swim/ have a shower there

Since this I have lost 14kg, reduced body fat from 25.6% to 19% and my metabolic age has gone down to 33.

Still feel like a way to go but just realised how far I’ve actually come? Trying to appreciate it.

Just need to be more steadfast in not drinking as much/regularly. Also felt good after playing probably the best game of 6 a side football in 5-6 years last night.

Feel ok right now (it won’t last)


yeah it’s ideal really- I keep a bikini and swimsuit and hair stuff incase I ever want to wash my hair and properly condition/ style it. Proper hair brush for hairdrying. Also keep trainers there and deodorant, facewash, wipes, all that kind of stuff.

That’s brilliant work for six months! What did you do?

Well honestly, some of it wasn’t that healthy.

TW: Depression, ED

I went through a heavy bout of depression earlier this year, and for two weeks all I had was water and coffee and barely left my bed.

Having previously had an ED when I was younger I was getting very close to those patterns again, so started medication that could help with both the Depression and with ED. I also started pushing myself too hard with no food in the gym, which lead to me collapsing. I then met my PT through that and he offered so much support and guidance and some free sessions to help get me on the right track.

Following that I decided to turn it to a more positive change, and tried to just make more healthy choices, started going to the gym more regularly, started PT once a week (my gym membership itself is subsidised from work so that helps with the cost, I’m very lucky with that) and actually my PT is amazing and ultimately has lead to me being able to reduce my therapy sessions because he is a really good guy, and has a much more healthy approach to everything and really keeps me in check when he thinks I’m going to far or anything.

That and playing football at least once a week, cutting down on drink, and not being so lazy with food/indulging cravings every time, and ultimately living alone and cooking smaller/easier meals and not having such enablers around has all helped too, but it’s not been easy at all.

I’m really pleased you’ve found someone/something who’s helping you so much - it’s amazing how much physical exercise can do for mental wellbeing :+1::+1::+1:


Honestly I’m now at the point that my PT is more effective/helpful than my therapy sessions, so I’ve reduced my therapy sessions

ETA: And thank you - so much. I know I’ve also been incredibly lucky with the support I’ve had.


New misery life rules:

  • 1 pizza per week
  • 1 cappuccino per day
  • 7 pints per week max

see you later, potbelly!!!


How’s everyone doing? I’m still doing well at going to the gym and am making improvements on the weights I can lift and I’m getting fitter but conversely I’m still really struggling to eat at much less that maintenance level. For whatever reason my heads just not in it :woman_shrugging:


I lost 7 1/2 pounds in the past fortnight by completely cutting out chips/rice/pasta/bread/beer.


After cutting out chips/rice/pasta/bread/beer I now envy the dead