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Have put on about 2kg over past few weeks which is actually much better than I thought. I’m trying to do damage limitation on the junk food front, but I think I have to accept that it’s not going to be perfect for a while as it is currently the only way of managing my meltdowns and episodes of major depression.

But I’m sticking at the jogging, and am nearly through couch to 5k now. Hopefully with minimising the junk food I will be back to a slight deficit. I’m trying not to weigh myself too much at the moment as I had been getting obsessed and it was damaging my mental health, so I’ll probably aim to check in once a fortnight or so.


soz if this is a bad place to put this.

people who have gained and lost a decent amount of weight - have you got stretch marks/loose skin stuff happening?

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anon obviously

been trying to be more confident going taps aff this year, but my back is a fucking mess of scar tissue & i get people going “woah, what happend to your back?!!” so often it does my head in. seems rare but idk, was just wondering.

I have significantantly more stretch marks from putting on weight the last couple of years* than I ever got from being pregnant :frowning:

*recently actually got weighed and I am two and a half stone up on my post-childbirth weight :-1:

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:slightly_frowning_face: shitter innit mate. most of mine were there from puberty but the weight I gained over the past couple of years just opened them up again, (gross) have nightmares about them bleeding sometimes.

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They really are rubbish, itchy in this sort of weather too :-1:

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A very good friend of mine used bio oil and cocoa oil on surgical scars to see loads of improvements. I know stretch marks are different and it might not have as big of an effect on older marks but could be worth a go.
Apparently bio oil is cheap in Primark.
Sure you’re a babe though pal, don’t worry about it too much, body issues always affect ourselves far more than over people and if it feels nice to have the sun on your skin then go for it.

ha cheers man

I’m sure you’re right (not about the babe bit). seems impossible to extend the same kindness to yourself that comes naturally for friends, or even strangers, innit.

I think the oils are good for new scars but some of mine are nearing drinking age now, so not so much.

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Aloe vera gel might help too x

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I have a lot of stretch marks on my inner thighs and my love handles but tbh i don’t pay too much attention to them. Never tried to get rid of them. I also have a big scar across half of my stomach from an operation when i was a baby so i guess thats why i’m not bothered by scars as such
more bothered by my cellulite on my thighs and bum (why tho?!) and being so pale that I can see all my veins and inside bits on my legs.