New Year Healthier Living


Right got an invite to a family wedding today that’s at the end of July so I might actually have to start doing something about this.


Cut the energy drinks this week. I’ve been far more proactive in the evenings so far, and until today I haven’t felt like I need one… However this afternoon I just feel so sleepy and sluggish. So tempted :confused: (but will buy some peppermint tea for wakefulness purposes when I go to Tesco tomorrow so I can drink that instead when I feel like this)


Not really. There’s a pram active class but I don’t have a running pram and she’s too old to tolerate sitting in one anyway. Will just carry on jogging on the spot when she’s in bed :see_no_evil:


“I’ve nearly lost half a kilo and I know I can do better next week.”

Good work.


Got a slow cooker for chrimbo, what’s good with a slow cooker?


I can’t stop eating biscuits, please help me


Anything really


But seriously, it’s amazing for chili, casseroles, hotpots, etc.




Can DM you contend list and send pica of any you like the sound of?






Oooh that’d be nice :slight_smile: cheers




I can’t stop eating. Send help.


Christ today was rough. When I feel majorly depressed chocolate is the only thing that will make me better - it will always alleviate it for a while at least. Was an absolute me for a couple of hours and all I could think about was going out to get chocolate. Had to down some whiskey so I wouldn’t be able to drive… Made it through anyhow. This better be worth it.


I have been feeling depressed af today and my diet has been somewhat derailed. Back on it tomorrow though, not doing my usual thing of ‘oh well, you’ve fucked it now, might as well eat kfc every day for a week’


Do you like dark choc? I find having a square of that helped curb my choc cravings


pulled pork

any kind of stew really


Sadly not at all. I tried to force myself to like it but never succeeded.