New Year Healthier Living

I don’t think whatever I’ve got is something you ever get better from - I’m not overweight, I don’t smoke, I exercise, I already did all the things they tell people with high blood pressure to do, so I’ll be on four pills a day for the rest of my life, but hopefully that will be a normal length life - when I first got it measured the doctor told me I’d die by the time I was 50 if I didn’t do anything about it :grimacing:

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So yeah, I have completely fallen apart over the past few months. I don’t particularly know why, although I suspect switching to hormone injections rather than gel a couple of months ago hasn’t helped. But regardless of why I’m doing it, the problem is that I’m eating too much and I need to stop that.

If I had stuck to my plan, I would have been near enough at my goal weight by the time I had surgery. That’s now a complete non starter, so it’s pretty much damage limitation. The sheer frustration of spending the best part of £10k on something that will probably not look good because of my own stupidity is… yeah.

But I still have 10 weeks to sort it. Realistically that could be 10kg. So that’s what I’ll aim for.

I still can’t bring myself to stand on the scales and see how much I’ve gained (I reckon from clothes fit etc it’s probably a good 4-5kg, and wouldn’t be shocked if a bit more). Half of me thinks that it will be so deflating to see it that I should not, and just be meticulous in taking my calorie intake. The other half recognises that it’s so much easier to slip when you’re not looking at the number regularly. And the latter half is probably the more realistic one.

I need to just do it, don’t I?

so fucking mad at myself


Just weighed myself and I’ve gained less than 1kg.

Pretty shocked as I’ve gone from needing to put a new hole in my belt to not needing a belt at all, but I guess that’s fat redistribution taking effect? Hadn’t actually noticed anything, but I suppose it must be the case. Regardless, I’ve been eating at least 2,500 calories most days for the past few months, so there’s probably a fair bit of luck involved.

Now I’ve been on testosterone for the best part of a year I can reasonably use the male calorie calculations, which estimates about 1,500 to lose 1kg a week, which is far more sustainable than the 1,200 I was operating on before.

So time to get back on it then. Weigh everything, MFP everything, check in here. Back to weighing myself every day too, I think. Wish there was a bot that could @ you in a thread each day; I suck at holding myself accountable.

10 weeks. 10kg.

Let’s fucking do this


Gwarn wileycat, we’re all behind you

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Managed to do 3 sets of 8 band-assisted pull-ups today with two resistance bands but still awoooooooo


Awesome. Gotta say that you’re absolutely smashing it this year :+1:


I’ve started reading this book called You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. It’s about bodyweight fitness and how this form of strength training is much more important than cardio, unless you have a specific running / swimming / cycling goal.

Anyone know anything about this? Does it stand up to scrutiny? He seems to have good credentials.

Specifically, I’m looking to be more flexible and strong in regular life. Currently anytime I play sports, even just something like table tennis, I manage to pull a muscle in my thigh cos I’m so stiff. Will it help me with flexibility? It seems much more strength focused, but I dunno.

Have you tried yoga? (I have not tried yoga)

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Awesome. My end goal is to be able to do one single pull up.

Yeah me too, I’m some way off from being able to do a pull-up unassisted, but last time we tried band-assisted ones I couldn’t even do one without my PT pushing my legs up. I think even she was pretty shocked I managed it this morning.

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I have no expertise in this at all but I’d say go for it, there’s loads you can do with just bodyweight. Think about how hard it is to do stuff like planks and press-ups. And yeah yoga can get proper sweaty even though it’s seen as gentle exercise.

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Sounds like he’s talking about Calisthenics, which has a decent amount of solid evidence behind it.

There are lots of different routines and programmes related to it (eg DDP yoga etc etc)

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Stacked it on a box jump, trapped my pinky between a 50kg bar and the rack, did some weights in front of the mirror and realised how hideous my effort face is. All in all a good nights work.


You can call @AphexTwinkletoes by his name, he doesn’t mind.