New year, new you!


Inspired by @Witches trying PB&J for the first time. What new things have you or will you be trying out this year!!??


Was going to try to diet but I fancy a pizza today.

Thought maybe about trying to meet a lady but wouldn’t know where to begin.

Guess I’ll just keep it the same this year :slight_smile:


Got a decent kitchen since we moved so gonna try and cook more and cook more new stuff, starting with these tomorrow:


Internet dating! What’s the worst that can happen?


well I have no transport so physically can’t meet anyone.

Oh well!


ffs :rofl:


I think i’d like to merge my various styles into one sort of post-apocalyptic journeyman look. i’ll break it out tonight at the dis meet and see what people think


Cant get a bus into town?


maybe try clean shaven for 2018?


too expensive I think


hahaha goodness no. bald people who are clean shaven look like large-scale babies


I will be referring to them as this during the preparation and will try and use the following words when adding ingredients: BOSH! OOFT! WHAZZ IT UP!


could do tash and a flat cap like that guy from mythbusters?


or become a thumbhead?


i’ve done a moustache for charity before and… it’s haunting tbf


got well into baking pies


You’re now legally-obliged to bung a bit of oregano in there into everything you cook


I joined all the dating apps
It’s a living hell

Might try some Mexican stuff I’ve not had before tonight if I can



Will make sure to tell my guests how much Jules loves this one.