New Year's Day daily thread!

Good morning all!

Hope you’re all well. We were woken up at precisely 7.00am by my eldest wishing us a happy new year. Nevertheless I slept through the fireworks and feel pretty fresh.

Plans for the day? We’re going for a short walk this morning then come back here for lunch. I also need to help the eldest build a robot for her Christmas project. We already have some boxes painted silver, but I need to give it wheels.

Anyway, happy new year, you absolutely lovely people x

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I am tired. Serves me right for going to bed at 4.30

Slept badly, still ill. Husband didn’t get in until 7 and woke me up. Grumpy.

Morning and HNY CCB, Rich, Roasty, assorted others. Got work 9.30-5 so have obviously been awake for an hour already. Tired and cba, already cannot wait to get home, off til Friday after today.

Feliz año nuevo!

@colon_closed_bracket I think I love you, can I live with you…?

Had a nice little soirée, 3 minutes into cooking the hob broke :confused: so made a roux in the microwave… people still seemed to like the food though. Got to bed about 2ish which ain’t too bad

Happy new year one and all x

  • Run 10km
  • FO, M

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Here’s hoping 2019 is a GBOY

No idea what I’m doing today, let the kids stay up so no idea when they’ll emerge from their respective lairs.

Hello! Went to the aquarium today. I think it was the only thing open in Sydney, and as such it was ranmed, mainly with fucking twats who think nothing of pushing past and getting in the way of toddlers seeing things.

Off to the mountains tomorrow though, which should be much quieter.

Hello. Grumpy and tired. R is super grumpy too. Need to get out of the house but that will probably cause more grump just as much as it will cure it.

Happy New Year?

UWatched Blackkklansman last night with my cat. Hoping to have a far less isolated 2019.

Decided to try to make people think a little about what they can do to improve not just themselves but the world this year. Feel free to join in if you do Twitter. Here’s mine:

Here’s the post to quote tweet


Sure :slight_smile: not sure what I did to merit this but thank you all the same :slight_smile:

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HNYKW! :tada::heart:

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can this be real


have you ever tried komoot? it’s good for planning hikes. will show you total distance and elevation etc

i use viewranger too, once I actually get outside. not tried plotting routes on it yet. usually make them some where else then import them. have fun!

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Morning all!

I’ve had a bacon and tattie scone sandwich and a couple of coffees. I’d say I’m just tired rather than hungover.

We might do a walk outside later but it will only be to the park or something. The main event is the evening feast though.

Happy Steak Pie Day!



Ended up going to bed at 3 as our friend who came over was jet lagged and was still raring to go at my originally planned bedtime of 12.30. Had a nice time playing board games and eating the reduced price party food the TV managed to scavenge from M&S.

Having eggs and hash browns for breakfast then heading up to the in-laws’ for a walk in the Dales.

Anyone made any resolutions? Do we need a separate resolution thread? I never did, but seem to have this year.

Just want to get something off my chest.

I played a card game last night.

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HNY everyone! I had a really shit year last year, and this forum and the DiS State record label really helped me through it. Thanks for being so lovely. :hugs:

In bed by 11 last night as predicted so feel fine this morning.

Just took down the decorations and chopped up the Christmas tree. The fleeting moment of sadness that Christmas is done has been replaced by an enjoymeny of the feeling of additional space and light.

Going to try to fit in a workout later amongst doing a food shop, some DiS State mastering work and trying to remember the name of the person I’m supposed to report into when I start my new job tomorrow…