New Year's Day daily thread!

Oppy New Year!


Did you see the new year in with a bang?

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I want to go on long country walks with you and then curl up into your arms… you look like you give good hugs. Sorry this is weird :sweat_smile:

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I think there was a thread last week but I may have imagined that

Had a ripe avocado for breakfast after a run of permanently hard ones (CWBAFT). A new year miracle.

Couldn’t get to sleep last night but at least the fireworks were brief.

A friend just asked me over to hers for the day but undecided yet as it’s a pain to get to on the best of days

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Aha! So there was.

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I concur with this. Even without country walks and hugs I think I’d just like to be your lodger.

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Or is it this one?

This one seems more active

It’s a 100% beautiful day here, so the plan is for a big dog walk soonish. I’ve got a bunch of work to do, but it’s so nice that I really don’t mind.

Like a bunch of other people have already mentioned, thanks to everyone here for making this community such a welcoming, insightful, funny place. Everything’s a struggle a lot of the time, but this is somewhere I feel I can always come. Happy New Year!


Off to Lloyd’s

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Feeling fresh as a daisy today and a little gutted the gym isn’t open!
I think we’re gonna go practice my new pedals but bf seems a little sick.
I need to take the tree down too I think?

I have some vegan blueberry spelt muffins in the oven :heart:


Can’t wait to take the tree down, just feels like a sad hangover from last year now

I’m going for a run! Tomorrow /bureau


I’m quite terrified to take mine down. Every time I touch it, the needles are going everywhere!

  1. I could do with a muffin.
  2. Congratulations! (obviously)

I mean they look quite nice considering they’re vegan and gluten free and refined sugar free :laughing:


My parents’ friends stayed over last night and one was woken at 5am by a phone call to tell her her father had died :grimacing: I do not know how to act, think I’m coming across as awkwardly pitying :see_no_evil:

Dragging my bf to spin to blow away the cobwebs :wind_face::spider_web: Then gonna make mushroom and Guinness pie and eat that whilst watching films all afternoon. Luther tonight :scream:

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HNY, gonna have a bit of breakfast, make a coffee, chuck on an album (not sure which yet) and take down the Christmas decorations.