New Year's Day


Morning all! Happy new year to you.

I got woken up by our eldest at 7.30am after going to bed a bit drunk at 1.30am. Now the youngest is trying to make me read Biff Chip and Kipper books. Right now, I feel like a Hurrah For Gin stickperson.

Good evenings, everyone?




big plans today:

  • big vegan shop!
  • big ass clean and reorganise of my flat!!
  • might buy a new book for my kindle!!!


Football and packing to head back to Glasgow is all I’m doing today.

Might order a big vegan shop online.


don’t feel that bad. here’s hoping 2017 continues in this fashion.



Morning all!

Watching The Princess and The Frog because it’s Wor Lass’s favourite.

Steak Pie later.

Not sure if I’ve got tomato juice for Bloody Marys so might just drink G&T all day.


it’s a new year, maybe time for some new gags?


I was working 9am to 5:30pm yesterday and have a 9am to 8pm today. My own personal New Year will start at 8:01pm tonight, providing the arsehole taking over from me is in on time.



I just don’t know anymore


Happy new year everyone.

Pretty hungry tbh. Might do something about it although I can’t really be bothered to wake snoozles over here. Some smartarses have decided it’s a sensible day for a party, so we’re off to that in a few hours. I think we’re meant to be making cheesecake.


Morning CCB and everyone,

Feel fine here! Not much planned for today. Will probably sloth about. Just set my Goodreads challenge for the year and the kettle is boiling.


Happy new year! Going to do so much cleaning today and I need to buy a lunchbox so I can start taking food into work. Bet lunchbox sales are going to spike today haha


Morning all.

Feeling fairly chipper today, only had a few beers last night I suppose. Not much on today, need to do a big shop, will also pack my hospital bag and maybe assemble to crib.

Trying to decide whether or not to stay up to watch a decisive NFL game tonight. It probably won’t finish until 5am though… I’m off work tomorrow, but still…

  • Have a nap this afternoon, stay up with some beers, cheer for your team!
  • Go to bed you fool, watch it on demand when you wake up.

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Thinking about watching it too…




Do one Veganuary


Was in the same boat last week with the Lions, I just woke up and watched it… except first thing Mrs HYG said to me when I woke up was “Oof, you wont’ want to see what happened to the Lions last night.” THANKS FOR THAT.


my sister’s sister in law gave birth at 11:59 last night. feels like a really nice start to 2017 :slight_smile:

  • reading/writing/researching
  • was gonna go for a cycle in the cotswolds but it’s pouring so maybe some yoga or something
  • ordering nice things online like yarn