New Years Eve 2021/22

Let’s do some polls and that

  • Staying in
  • Going out

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  • Seeing other people I don’t live with
  • Not

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Apologies to anyone who is isolating, hopefully there will be some nice threads, seem to remember last year was really nice

Think we’re just going down the local. Maybe get a take away or something. Absolutely can’t be fucked with it, even more so than usual

Cannot overstate how much I’d love to get out of the house and see other people.

Might do what I did last year and dj for my palz on zoom (was graced at one point by @TheBarbieMovie2023 which was lovely!)

Only annoying thing is doing through software/zoom means the volume isn’t that loud :pensive:

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Been exposed to the 'Rona so maybe likely I’ll develop shit by then. If not I’m going over some pal’s place and getting MESSY.

Gargling mouthwash til then, y’know, just in case.


Got tickets for this

On some level I’ve just been assuming it would be cancelled and I wouldn’t actually have to make a choice on whether to go or not.

This NYE is our ninth anniversary (!!!) so would be nice to go out and do something fun but it was like £6 each so no big loss if we do skip it I guess.

If not will probably just stay in and watch DJs on twitch like last year.


Holy shit :smiley:


Really want to go out and support some local hospitality places as I don’t think it’s going to be heaving this year like it normally is BUT I’m aware there’s a v good chance of catching ‘it’ if I do go. Really torn.

Having a baby means I’ll be in bed by half 9, though I’ll probably be up again at midnightish feeding her :upside_down_face:

(I’ve never really liked NYE so this is great for me. Though I do have a load of non-alcoholic beers and shitload of cheese to get through so it’ll be an alright evening probably)


Cba with it at the best of times. Will be staying in.

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Friends and I were going to go to Cafe Oto’s NYE night, that was until they announced the line-up.

Mate’s given me a free ticket to the away game against Watford on Saturday, so instead I now plan a quiet night in then travel out to the footy the next day.

What are you going to sing?

I belive @guntrip is Various Legends and will be doing The Downward Spiral in it’s entirety.


Same as every year for us (apart from wife going into labour at 11pm three years ago), Chinese takeaway and a movie. The food was something like 90 mins late last year, hopefully the new place we’ve been favouring recently will be more on the ball

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I’m convinced I still know all the words to Head Like a Hole despite not having heard it in about eight years, so let’s say that


Looking like I’ll still be still isolating with a couple pals and their baby.

Partner and I are both fresh out of isolation as are the majority of friends I’ll be seeing. Will be attending a 90s themed party assuming all the latty flows are fine.