New Year's Eve big night in

Hopefully nobody is going out tomorrow night, even if you’re somehow in a tier where this is allegedly allowed. So I thought it might be fun to share some options for online stuff happening tomorrow night, in case anyone is looking for stuff to do, or anyone has stuff to plug?

Gooses Quizzes are doing a quiz of the year. They’ve been doing online quizzes every night since, like, March (which is quite the effort) and they’re generally lots of fun. 7pm - 8:45/9ish, via Twitch /// Twitch

Sooz Kempner is quite funny I think, and is doing a… thing from 9pm. Might involve singing tho. /// Twitch

Indie night Offbeat is doing a DJ night from 9pm. On Mixlr, which is a bit guff, but that seems to be the style of the time with online indie nights sadly. ///

Twitch and Mixcloud Live will also be full of people doing DJ sets, as always.

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In time-honoured tradition, probably have a glass or three of fizz starting mid-afternoon then be in bed by 10


We’re going to try to do our normal Christmas eve of going up to meersbrook Park to watch all the fireworks going off around the city from the top of the hill while drinking neat spirits for warmth.

Worried it’s going to be rammed tomorrow and we’ll just turn up, turn round and go home

similar to aggers, going to the woods to have a fire and a bottle of something strong, but it might be rammed.

When did this become a thing? I’m all for it, but tradition of it completely new to me until a week or so ago.

Don’t want to send anyone into dismay but I know of 4 worryingly large separate house parties happening on nye (won’t be attending any but I still think there must be thousands and thousands in the works, bleak)

Fuck it, I don’t care, it’s New Year’s eve and I’m going out to work

Saw a tweet yesterday saying that if you picked up Covid on Christmas Day you’ll be at about peak infectiousness on NYE, so that’s good, isn’t it.


And you always have to bring in the New Year kissing someone!!



That is the law

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if a country actively chooses mutually assured self destruction, I’m not really sure I can even argue against it


I’m not hooting anyone’s nanny tbh


Started this thread in the hope of saving a few people from that. Going well so far!

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sadly think way more than half the country is just done with covid, like a craze you can just put down and forget

Me & an atd will be hosting our second Club Sofa, we were gonna make it an open invite if you wanna join for a bit!

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Got plans to cook a nice Greek meal and might watch a film.

Will probably also watch the Daniel Kitson show he put has put up. One of the last things I saw before lockdown was comedy at the Union Chapel.

Happy to share the link but he has asked for it to not just be posted.

Please don’t share the link on social media or anywhere, feel free to send it directly to people you actually know and/or love but i dont want it made readily and generally available because I might do something with the recording at some point, so would rather it wasn’t for everyone, just yet.

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nice thread idea gunnerz.

Thanks Tiltz. Been pretty amazed by how many IRL things have adopted to working online since March, makes such a nice break watching endless films y’know, and thought it would be nice to share some of it.