New Year's Eve thread (NYE)

let’s be 'aving you then.

  • what you up to tonight?
  • got any business you need to settle before the new year?
  • any new year’s rezzos? (did we do this?)

Morning Eric, Hows it going?

Ended up that I’m gonna go round a pals tonight, only round the corner so can stagger home easy enough.

No business today - the last day of vegetating. Gonna eat and watch sport

It’s been done twice. Usual stuff for me. Will last about 4 days I reckon :thumbsup:

nb, mwt. nb.

  • wife aint working anymore so we’ll likely just stay in and have a quietun
  • only thing really is to finish my book, been reading it too long and wanna start the new year afresh
  • aye usuals. be healthier, exercise more. also dug myself into a bit of a hole financially this year, so that’s the first thing i need to sort and stay on top of.

Heading to a mate’s houseparty. Bit of a pricey taxi home but it’ll do the job.

No loose ends to tie up really.

Got loads I want to achieve this year but at least one of the things is largely out of my hands. The others require a smidge of luck and some effort on my part.

Got a fancy dress party to go to. Not a fan of nye so hoping to turn up late and leave early. I’m working until 6 which will help. Also I haven’t finished my costume

New year’s resolution is get a new job, as it is every year

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What’s the theme/costume?

Heya Eric and everyone else. First, gonna get in there early with a happy new year to all of you! I think we’re probably all glad to see the back of 2016, and I hope that everyone has at least a bit of hope and optimism for 2017 :+1:

I’m going to football today and then a house party tonight. No business to tie up really, and my rezzies are mostly just to be more open, brave and kind. And sort my dreadful finances out.

House party down the road: think it’s going to be a bit messy, will get out before it goes too mad. Not really in the mood this year for silly drinking.

Loose ends: I need to read 12 books by midnight to complete my good reads challenge. Not happening. I’ve only read 18 books this year and I’m in a fucking book club - disgraceful.

Resolutions: done these, usual load of waffle about being healthier/get a girlfriend/not being a twat/read more.

Morning all

TONIGHT we’ve got three of our ATDs coming round for dinner. Cooking Thai and making cocktails :slight_smile:

UNFINISHED BUSINESS none. 2017 is just next week so I don’t think I had any particular targets I needed to meet for the end of the year.

RESOLUTIONS tbh it’s difficult to achieve any of the usual goals (lose weight etc) when there’s so much cheese in the house. I’d like to join a club of some description in 2017- a book club or the like. Open to suggestions (comic or otherwise).

AOB About half an hour ago, I saw someone with their windows down in their car, rocking their head and absolutely belting this song out :smiley:

no solid plans
no unfinished business, other than i think i might order a takeaway tonight if i don’t go out before 10 (looking likely)
talked about resolutions in a couple of other threads

Come on body, just one more night of drinking. You can do this.


Gonna watch Match of the day and drink posh wine (cannonau & a chateaunneuf that have been in the rack for ages).

also those irish rowing lads are on graham norton! And frank skinner!

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veganuary, bro

Morning everyone.

Still recovering from a cold so I’m going to do nothing today, which is fine by me.

  • cba
  • cba
  • cba

Morning everyone.

Outstanding actions for this year are to get my hair cut and have a look at the sales while I’m in town. Otherwise I’m done. Off to an indie disco tonight.

No resolutions other than to increase my consumption of booze, fags and meat.

tonight: going to stay in, pretty much reliant on my friend inviting me to the pub but he really seems to be angling to do anything else without me, that is fine I don’t mind that, except I know like most years if nothing comes through he will call me up last minute like some reliable back up and I will go along happy to go out but losing some dignity in the process, plus i’ve really done a lot for this friend this year, would have hoped new years eve would be about core friends. So I am just going to stay in this time regardless, 2017 the year of cutting off my nose to spite my face.

unfinished: still working on my dis christmas soundtrack challenge even though it is too late as I quite like the thing, but my inability to get a guitar sound that doesn’t sound horrific at higher volumes is getting me down.

rezzos: spend less money on food, spend less time on the internet, read more, have a list of things that I would like to spend my time doing and make sure any spare moment I am doing one of those things

Bar shift at DIYSFL. They still haven’t confirmed shift times.

Morning. Working today. Had left over pizza for breakfast. Will probably be the high point of today.

No plans for tonight. Might head out on the bike tomorrow, so might be an early one.