New Year's Eve thread (NYE)

Hi! Going to watch the countdown in the Meadows with some mates, then heading to a warehouse party.

Unfinished business, got some life admin stuff to do today, some stuff to sort before I get back to work and I want to start making travel plans for the year.

Rezzos, want to start doing stuff independently more and stop waiting around on other people, want to make a bit more of an effort with dating, and basically want to cut down on procrastinating and regiment my life a bit more.

Excellent SMART target work here!


Me and Mrs casinobay will probably be shagging through the bells, as per tradition. I’ll post mid stroke to wish y’all a happy new year.

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not like DIY people to be disorganised!

:frowning2: what 'appen?

Also, who’s fucking idea was it to have a rangers vs Celtic match on new year’s eve!!?
Steer clear of Glasgow tonight. It’ll be a bloodbath.

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sorry to hear man, that’s awful. hope things improve for him


Hoya, going to football, wee shift at work then all the beers.

Happy new beers!

thoughts and prayers to you and your family xylo.

Stay strong x


Ah man I’m so sorry to hear that, hope you and the fam are pulling through. Addenbrookes is amazing so he is in the best place he can be, hope things get better :thumbsup:


Fuck, sorry to hear that xylo. I wish you, your Dad and your family the best.


This completely sucks. Sending lots of love your way xx


NYE plans have changed. Was supposed to go to Kerry but that’s out. My mates are all playing in town so we’ll go to that and then a house party.

No resolutions really. Keep being the best person I can be is all I ever want to do. I will ask a mate out but that’s for a different thread.

Absolutely dying right now though. Went to a thrash metal gig, then went dancing, followed by a lock-in. If my body is a temple then I’m an iconoclast.

Might be going to my gfs after she finishes work at 11. Will probably be shite. Could go to a ska gig but that would require listening to plinks and plonk music, and will be rammed.

Need too learn some torts! Good fun



This is the band we’re going to see later. I love the album title. For fans of Cluster.

[quote] have a list of things that I would like to spend my time doing and make sure any spare moment I am doing one of those things[/quote]

I started this earlier this year and whilst not 100% (or even 75%) successful, I am wasting far less time. The way I’ve had most success with this is by downloading a randomising app, making a list with everything, and separate sub-lists e.g. “active things”, “easy things”. If I can’t decide what to do within a couple of minutes I let the app decide. Has worked wonders, really.

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They don’t really establish strict shift times intentionally, you can volunteer for just an hour or two if you’d like - or however long you feel able. That way you can still have a drink, you can still chat and dance. I think seeing as it’s open really late tonight you’ll probably find there’s quite a few volunteers coming and going at different points. Might end up there myself sometime!

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I will give that app a try

Meal with friend, her bf and his parents, then boozing at friend and bfs house
Not really
Doing everything I didn’t do this year

I’m at Gatwick and after lots of awkward vulturing with people’s tables, I managed to get one and order a cheeky spoons curry and cider (devo’d that they don’t have the cheeky spoons burrito tho). Flights are all a bit delayed but no idea how my flight is doing. The lady at security who had to feel me up to make sure I wasn’t carrying any bombs said she liked my dress :nail_care: