New Year's NYE Eve plans thread

What’s your plans? Can you be arsed mate? Got a few options but dont really fancy any of em so will probably stay in and go to bed at 11:45pm.





My plans are either local pub or try get into to a sold out party thing in Leeds or sit in with the parents. The latter is probably the best option.

  • Pub
  • Club
  • House party
  • Stay in
  • Cba
  • I dunno lol

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Work, home to change, drinks in town, couple at a mates, then off to a club

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Might have the boy with me, in which case we’ll probably play FIFA and head to bed shortly after midnight.

If I don’t have the boy with me, then I’ll go to bed with a few beers and watch some films.

Nothing makes me feel more awkward than midnight at New Year’s.


We’re gonna watch the Bourne trilogy (no, its a trilogy) in bed with beers.


We just asked some friends to come round to eat, drink and play some games on the Switch. Just keeping it low key.

As is tradition. Order sushi, film, cuddle time, bed at 10pm.


Just found out where we are in Nepal has the biggest festival in the country for new year which starts tomorrow and culminates on western New Year’s Eve with bands and fireworks which is an absolute blinding result


Nobody wants to go to a death metal gig with me ffs


Heading out in the 'Diff with 2 atd’s, should be fun except they’ve both gone through bad break ups this week and I’m a big grouch so maybe not.

2 house parties to go to between random pubs though. One’s my bassist who’s on a tag so can’t leave his house after 7pm, another is an old bandmate that promises to be a larger one but we’ll just have to wait until host #1 can’t catch us.


At a wedding!!!

Mates house for drinks and board games and stuff, not huge numbers I think. Tbh I’ve not been paying attention cause he’s got a new puppy so I don’t care who else is there or what we’ve got planned


Going to a pub that stays open until 2 AM.



I dOnt lIKe NEw YEaRs 2 mUCh pReSSuRE 2 hAVE a GoOOD tIME!!!

So weird how many people say this now ^
We could have a good time if everyone didn’t keep saying that ffs


Early finish at work, then just meeting up with some mates at our regular pub. Tend to do that most Tuesdays anyway, so the only differences will be a later finish, a busier pub, and maybe some shots (although I am hoping not to the latter).

Probably start pre-drinking at lunch. Got some pals coming round in the afternoon for (more!) drinks before heading to the pub. Mini pub crawl on the way to the pub with the NYE party that we’ve got tickets for, then stay there till kicking out time. Going to get some more booze in for if anyone wants to come back to ours afterwards and make a proper night of it.

lol j/k staying in playing Switch in my pants, obviously


ATD is having a house party.

CBA otherwise, glad this seems to be a thing now as it’s the second year in a row he’s hosted.

Just need to source some bits as it’s fancy dress/80s theme