New Years playlist!

Putting together a joint one of these - I’m the only one doing it so far!
Suggestions of bangers please as apparently people don’t like a lot of the incredibly cool music that I like as much as I do


They don’t have to be specifically New Year’s Eve related by the way
I wouldn’t have thought it would be necessary to mention this but there you go

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Oh god this is awful

Last song of the year:

First song of the new year:


You should have just said “playlist!” then

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Whack on the ‘It’s Alive’ live album by Ramones and time it so they do the new years eve count down in sync with reality!

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It would be great if you could all describe a brief description of the songs so I don’t have to listen to them all
Thank you!

Deodato- Also Sprach Zarathrustra

experimental funktastic psychedelic space odyssey

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Might live stream myself listening to New Year’s Day by U2 on repeat for 24 hours on 1st January. Document my descent into quite a disturbing place.