New Year's Resolutions for other people in your life

What do you want other people to do or stop doing this year?

Balls, someone move this wicked thread to Social, please?

Okay, sorted.

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Little brother: Skype both your parents at least once a week.

I would prefer it if my gf adopted my “think, speak, think” approach over her existing “speak, think, speak” approach, but I think it’s just an extrovert/introvert thing and isn’t ever going to change and also I’m really easily irked, apparently.

Use the bin as a bin instead of the kitchen counters

Must be really difficult to chop vegetables on the flap bit.

stop doing my head in

Marry me!

I thought you’d never ask.

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Everyone: acknowledge that I am actually very cool, and not the sort of weirdo/loser most people think I am. I’m actually the coolest person I know.