NEW YEars resolutions?


anyone got any? too soon for this crap?

i’m going to knock drinking on the head for Jan and Feb - felt liek shit the last three days due too a heavy saturday drinking, fucks up all my plans!!!


  • i love new years resolutions, i find it a great positive way to start the year afresh and a useful guide to becoming a better, more positive, more productive, joyful me!!!
  • go fuck yourself

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I’m either gonna get out of this life, or get on with it.
Right now it’s looking more like the former.


No smoking and only very occasional until April 2nd (this is more the new year being a good cut off point for getting into full marathon training mode than any particular NYR)


I’m not making resolutions as such (lose weight, stop drinking blah blah) but instead I like the idea of setting myself a challenge e.g to run a certain amount of miles in the next year. I’ve just got a year’s Odeon Limitless card so I’ve set a target of going to see 52 films by the end of 2017.

The big resolution of course is to get my house, job and life into a state that I can sell up, go traveling then move back to Scotland.


I rarely make ones banning myself from doing anything. I guess this year’s one is Have More Fun, because 2016 was too much of a slog.

Also, as a fellow January birthday person, you understand my automatic disapproval of people spending January strictly giving up everything and not being up for doing things only to fold in February.


Don’t really do them. I have some goals for the year though:

  • Read more. I’ve read maybe 3 books this year which is my worst book-reading year since I was about 4 I reckon.
  • Cycle 10,000km across the year.

  • Do a 200km and 300km audax.

  • Maybe get involved in the committee of my cycle club?

  • DiS Bike Wankers Social Ride volume 2: the bloodening.


Simple solution: learn how to read a book whilst riding your bike.


january sucks tho - might as well write it off


But it is the glorious month of our birth Christopher?

(Maybe we should just move to Australia?)


Actually now I think about it, this is such a total bellendishly dangerous thing to do I find myself amazed I haven’t seen someone doing it in London.


it is SHIT tho, birthday is the only good bit, but it’s a terrible time to have a party or something


stop gnashing my teeth
do something fun at least once a day
read everything by Derrida



It’s true though, most of my reading came from having a shit long commute and now that’s gone I just don’t… read any more. Same with music, though I can’t be fucking arsed with music any more really.


Got some easy-ish ones:

  • no more bread (already done this for December so far)
  • exercise or boxing every day of the year except holidays (but probably still holidays)

and then some much, much harder ones:

  • No more beer.
  • No more social media except using Messenger. I.e. not delete profile but outright stop posting/commenting and switch off notifications and
  • Pass B1 French


don’t do this.


but the amount of time i spend…

and i doubt i can moderate very well, it’s possibly all or nothing with me. it’s tricky


Be more assertive and actually voice concerns rather than internalise them
Do the Hackney Half in a better time than this year
Continue to run at least 10k a week after the Hackney Half at the very least
Either toast for breakfast or a sandwich at lunch, never both


Bonne chance avec le français, enfin tu pourras faire les jeux des mots et blagues abominables comme un vrai papa français.


Get a new job


Don’t really make resolutions, but I do have targets or aims that I strive to achieve, and which I’d hope to make progress on this year.

This includes:

  • Doing the garden (it’s currently a mess of dirt and weeds)
  • Run the London Marathon (training is going okay for this, but I really need to step it up in the new year)
  • Keep playing hockey, and for my team to not get relegated.
  • Progress with numerous other DIY jobs throughout the year
  • Start cycling into work and become a cycle wanker
  • Get back into my swimming
  • Go to more gigs and see more films at the cinema
  • Have more people over to stay and over for dinner