New years rezzies


do something fun/that makes me laugh at least once a day
restring my violin
stop gurning
read everything by derrida

I’m starting them today cause why not

New years rezzos for 2019

Mine are just to be brave, open and kind. Also maybe drink less.


everything else will follow

  1. Have more fun- 2016 was a grind
  2. Avoid doing things I hate


This is from 1st Jan though so obv I’m gonna be a proper bastard til then.


get a better diet and exercise more


Fitter, happier, more productive etc


Fully cut out the fags and cut down big time on the booze, run a marathon, grow an extra limb


Get a job that is more $$$ and/or closer to home

  • Do my door
  • Would love to get a violin actually
  • More music stuff all round


make a list of things, make sure any spare moment I am doing one of those things, limit internet to one check every hour

  • Become Beyoncé
  • Podium on the Criterium Series (and do the requisite training for this)
  • Talk to both parents and both siblings at least once a week


Be happier and healthier
Try really hard to get published
Stop avoiding responsibilities

Hope it works out! Also I really want to go on aren’t least one holiday this year I’m going to save up from now


You can do it!


Same as last year. Lose weight and learn spanish. Won’t do either

  • Drink less.
  • Play more music.
  • Dance more.
  • Love my friends more.


Genuinely misread published as punished and was about to @BannedAct.


Try to incorporate exercise into my life. Maybe the same way that personal hygiene is. And be more realistic about what I can achieve and not berate myself for having shit knees/discipline.

Stop taken the pisses with my eating habits. Unsure how to address this, there’s clearly some underlying issues here.

Continue to eliminate things from my life that don’t bring me any kind of happiness but that I do because I feel like I’m “supposed to”. Life’s too short.

Make the top cut at a large Netrunner event.


Learn to say no. Be kinder to myself. Basically be a bit more selfish in a way that doesn’t negatively affect other people.


more ‘things i’ve been putting off for forever’

• do the FODMAP thing, but actually get to the reintroduction stage (in 2015 i did this but didn’t do the reintroduction stage properly, which is the important bit)
• reach out to people more instead of just convincing myself they don’t want to be arsed with me
• physio. i’m paying £16 that i can’t justify for the gym so i might as well do that. get so much snark from gymbros for only using a treadmill and the bikes, though?