New Year's Rezzo's

Pretending to have any this year?


Yes, for every moan say two positive things. Tried to do it this year and it really helps to stop falling into that moany state.

Also, be tidier, get rid of a load of clothes and spend less time on my phone.

  • Get into some form of exercise, anything will do
  • Pursue your hobbies more, you’re good when you try
  • Read more
  • ooh yeah make more batch dinners

See a football match in all of the top 4 divisions. Will keep going down the leagues if I manage to do that.

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I can’t tell when I’m moaning. To me I am just airing completely reasonable grievances.

I do have a monotonous moany dull voice though so maybe I’m perma-moaning.


Less meat
Less booze
Find a half marathon and do it. Maybe GNR or maybe something in Yorkshire.

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Limit internet time so spend more time reading/watching good stuff
Do parkrun whenever free
Use no/much less plaggy
Use my cookbooks more and maybe keep a record of what I’ve tried.


Also going to get a particulate boring IT certification. Won’t bore with the deets.

Also I’m going to never be rude to people on this forum even when they are being really annoying.

lose weight
go to the dentist


Try to be better at explaining stuff and more patient (sometimes get in a mood if someone doesn’t get what I said)

What exaclty do you mean by that?

  • go from one meat once a week to meat once a month (except when being cooked for)
  • keep up the exercise/weight loss level I’ve had for 3/4 of the year (bad couple months towards the end of the year)
  • write an ep of c86 style music
  • keep learning Spanish
  • get more involved in good causes (eg doing more than just donating)
  • dress better

Did quite well with last years resolutions


Its not January yet pal.

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I’ll add this to mine too.

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Wear more fluffy baggy jumpers
Wear a proper coat instead of a thin thing that’s falling apart
Leave the house more
get bigger muscles for fighting
Try to be kinder

  • lose a lot of weight
  • get a gym habit I can stick to
  • ride my bike
  • join a choir
  • be more active in the Labour Party
  • take better care of my mental health
  • less meat

I need to grow a bit as my 14yo has overtaken me in height.

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Take up some form of exercise that doesn’t make my chronic conditions worse

Start doing drama again (I say this every year)

Eat better

Save more money

Go out more

Go on some dates

Do volunteering and more irl activism

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Hoping to get my own place (even if it’s just somewhere cheapish close to the train station; starting to crave more independence, ya know)

Be a bit more “active” (in a vague sense, but I could probably do with being more active and less just thinking about things constantly)

Other stuff I’ll type later probably, cause I’m going to watch Elf I think


Be less brilliant, I’m making everyone else look bad