New York (again) or Japan?

My daughter (14) and I went to New York in May and absolutely loved it. So much so that she really wants to go back again next year. The savings are dwindling but it’s doable. I’d love to go back myself but I feel a different adventure would be a better idea and I’m thinking Japan.
Thing is my daughter doesn’t fancy Japan and she’s not the most experimental with food. Plus the flight! I reckon she’d like it when she’s there but it’s an expensive gamble.
There’s still a lot of New York we didn’t see so there’s that. Can you do too much New York!?
Anyway, I guess this is a you decide for me thing. What would you do if you were in a similar situation?

Twice in 2 years? Not for me. Better to leave it a few years before returning imo. Makes it more special?

Haven’t been to Japan so can’t comment on that particularly.

Having said all of that, I suppose 15 + is an age when kids might be less inclined to go on holidays with parents (think I did my last summer holiday with my folks at 14, though did do shorter breaks with them afterwards) so any time spent with her in a place she’s excited for would be time well spent.

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You could maybe broaden out a bit and go to 2/3 cities in N America, with NYC being one of them. Would offer something different but also allow you to revisit NYC. Could go to other spots on the East Coast, Boston, DC etc, or branch out a bit and go to smaller towns/rural locations.

Sounds like it would be best to leave Japan until she’s a bit older and feeling it more.


Yeah I am concerned that it might lose it’s place in our hearts.
Yep her age could be an issue with her wanting to do her own thing. I think I’ve had that in the back of my mind so that’s why I recently thought “what the heck, let’s go back to NY!”

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Yeah this was an option originally but we didnt really get excited about any other cities. We did think San Francisco but that’s a proper trek. Maybe we could add Niagra Falls into a trip.

Niagra, the Catskills, Rhode Island, Vermont. Would be very beautiful in the autumn. If she’s interested in history, Virginia might be a good one.

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Thank you :blush:. Some food for thought.

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