New York Times Mini Crossword ⚔


Lot of guessing today.

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3 mins something real pain

Had to give up after getting 1D, 8A and 9A9

1.01. Happy thanksgiving, y’all!

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2m39s on Thursday 2022-11-24.


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47 seconds.

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tried to spell it KNASH

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1:10. Didn’t realise Americans were aware of gravy, never mind having it for Thanksgiving

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It’s probably that grim version they have with ‘biscuits’

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Biscuits and gravy is a top-tier breakfast, we’re in the wrong for not embracing it and treating it with the respect it deserves.

As a vegetarian I can only say it looks horrific and I will never be trying it.


They better not be calling it gravy sauce.

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1m21s on Friday 2022-11-25.

56, was worried for a moment.

Fucking hated today’s.

I got it but I kept just putting in words that seemed like the goofiest shit and it turned out they were right.

4m45s on Saturday 2022-11-26.

1.24 for Saturday.

8 mins or some hullshit