New York Times Mini Crossword ⚔

Holy shit.

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6A is genius, but it totally stumped me.


Put JAW instead of LAW and could not get 1D

40s - brain couldn’t make sense of 4A, liked 6A

interesting that I, the permanent fucker, managed this in no time and have no complaints.

i have cross the rubicon. i am one with joel. all hail joel.


@escutcheon just now:

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who makes them, but cannot laugh at them, 5

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Liked 6A.

1m13s on Saturday 2023-03-18.

Potentially a sub-60s Saturday, this, but I didn’t bag the capital or airport in the acrosses.

53 secs. Pretty smooth sailing.


1:24, fucking the capital city

Feel a bit sick I got 9A so easily

30 secs for Sunday



Thought I’d smashed the acrosses but went for MONK for 5A. Don’t really get the actual answer tbh :man_shrugging:


Literally the name, hence the Dalai Lama

Lot of bollocks today.

1:03, went for ETTE for 8A and took ages to figure out why it was wrong.

1m51s on Sunday 2023-03-19.

Also went for MONK and ETTE first time through the acrosses.