New York tips please?

Off to New York from 4-11 Nov and trying to seek out good indie / alternative club nights.
Also after good tips for reasonably priced good restaurants and dive bars / craft beer bars / breweries and galleries etc…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Never been there :+1:


I hear Planet Hollywood is worth a trip


Good thread so far :+1::+1:

New York is often referred to as The Big Aubergine


^I can vouch for this

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Oh man yeah you’ll love it there you gotta go to this place I had the best thing there it was so goooooood

Never been.

Good ol’ Noo Yoik.

Craft beer. Torst in Brooklyn. My favourite bar

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national railway museum?


no wait, sorry i’m thinking of york


I hear Brooklyn’s got a brewery now.

Been many times before, but always up for new recommendations.

sorry i just know all the touristy stuff, sounds like you kinda know all that and are needing something a bit more in depth


yup, exactly.

I’m trying to walk here!


Visit the New York office

Sorry I’m really bored. :confounded:

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Torst looks great. Ta

Deleware and Hudson for food in Brooklyn.

Beauty & Essex in Manhattan if you want somewhere a bit posh and party vibe

have fun! :slight_smile: