New York tips please?

just noticed Daughters (not Daughter) are playing in Brooklyn, but its sold out…

This brewery under the Pulaski Bridge had a lovely little taproom and some tasty sours / saisons. Had a plum sour and it was incredible.

thanks, got that one marked on google maps already. looks great

I’m really enjoying this thread

My hot NYC tip is; use Starbucks for the loo. There never seemed to be enough ‘rest rooms’ around but there’s plenty of Starbucks and they never seem to mind. Pop in, buy a box of matches or something, get the key, Bob’s your uncle.

i hate starbucks. I can not even set foot in that place, let alone spend my money on those corporate wankers

and the coffee is supposed to be shit I hear

I was looking for wifi in Midtown Manhattan and there was one called WuTangLAN.

This place is great: Mela Foundation

Mela soundation looks interesting. Just looked it up on google maps and one of the reviews made me chuckle.

Ethan Tran
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LSD themed “art museum”.

Top tip! Went last month and found that most subway stations are credit card only now. Just to confuse non-Americans the machines demand a zip-code. Took me a day to figure out but you can bypass this by entering ‘00000’.

ha, good to know.

Saves having to walk everywhere like I did for a day.

flights to New York are dirt cheap at the moment because so much competiton. I am flying direct with Virgin atlantic for £250 rtn


Yes, last time I walk to New York

Went here and they had a good range of craft beer on-

It also was also across the road from this place-

thanks for that. taproom happy hour will be on our list.



If you’re in the East Village I recommend St. Dymphnas (118 St. Mark’s place). Not the most extensive beer selection, but just a very good atmosphere, particularly on a weekday afternoon. Around the corner is the Odessa diner (119 avenue A) if you need Russian-American food open 24h.

Go to Williamsburg

Apparently st. Dymphnas is closing down this weekend