New York tips please?

Staying in Williamsburg

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Yup. Except in America they call it the Big Egg Plant. Weird.

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Do they have an M&M world??

(never been).

(Would love to go - one day!)

(enjoy your trip)

A few insider tips from my visits:

  • Visit “Time” Square
  • Have a trip up the Empire State building
  • Take a walk in Centre Parks
  • Hail a yellow taxi “cab”
  • Look at the beautiful Statue of Liberty

Booked some flights to the large apple myself for next year. I’ll post this thread again in about 6 months time.

Some places and food I have saved.

New Museum
Karma Gallery
Met Breuer
Pioneer Works
Brooklyn Museum
Dia Beacon Museum
Whitney Museum
Moma (and the design shops)
Apeture Foundation
Strand Bookstore
Printed Matter

Ivan Ramen (2 locations)
Xi’an Famous Foods (2 locations)
Pershing Square
The Gutter
Tang Hotpot
Black Seed
Ramen Shack
The Bao
Dog Haus
Pickle Guys


Jajaja for vegan Mexican food :kissing::ok_hand:t3:

Champs for vegan breakfast food

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Yes. It’s very near the Hershey’s store.

Can vouch for Xi’an. Quite busy, but very good

Bao in London and the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin are two of my favourite places in the world so a combo of the two would be beyond a dream.

Check out what’s on at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Currently my favourite place for drinking and seeing odd indie bands.

Otto’s is on my list already. Tuesday night club looks good. Thanks for all the tips everyone. Also I have got to know the base player in a NY band called Pill and he has told me that they are playing s secret gig in Brooklyn while I am in NY. It’s all coming together nicely. Just need to try to blag tickets for the sold out Daughters (hard core band) gig.

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Daughters are playing at St Vitus in Brooklyn.

Do the high line too.


That would be amazing if you could swing that for us. Actually four of us which I assume could be tricky… Or whatever you could get even if only a couple of tickets. Thank you xylo!

Done the high line in the summer. Loved it.

We stayed in Greenpoint earlier this year and that description is spot on. Great neighbourhood. Spent a couple of nights in St Vitus which was raging.

I know Greenpoint quite well as a friend of mine has a jewellery workshop in Greenpoint. Nice neighborhood.

Thank you littleforts. Some great tips.