New York tips please?



Done the high line in the summer. Loved it.


We stayed in Greenpoint earlier this year and that description is spot on. Great neighbourhood. Spent a couple of nights in St Vitus which was raging.


I know Greenpoint quite well as a friend of mine has a jewellery workshop in Greenpoint. Nice neighborhood.


Thank you littleforts. Some great tips.


Any decent cheap places to stay?

Everywhere looks quite pricey.


Yeah the TV is there now for work and found the same thing.

Pod Hotel (I stayed there a few years ago) and Brklyn House (where she picked this time) are as cheap and nice as you might get without sketchyness.


Jut got quoted £933 for the 5 nights I want :money_mouth_face:

Maybe go cheap and sketchy and call it ‘a true New York experience’


You considered staying in a hostel? I stayed at the HI and it was about £50/night and pretty good as hostels go.


Yeaaah, its probably gonna have to be a hostel but just feels a bit much paying £50p/n for a hostel.

Or a room in someone’s gaff on evil airbnb if they don’t look too evil.


Though think I did see a private room in a hostel which for about that which might is looking likey best bet so far.


Think it’s a lot cheaper than that normally, £50 was August.


Wow she got a good deal then.

To save money and feel safe when we travel we try search Hostelworld for hostels that have private rooms - maybe see what NYC has to offer in that department. Kinda get the best of both worlds.


This thread has just reminded me of the Bowery Whitehouse, where I stayed many times from 2003 to about 2011.

It was, as that says, a SRO/flophouse cannily re-targeted at budget travellers, although there were still some grizzled old men living there would just play cards in the lobby all day. Pretty sure it was a massive fire hazard. But it was like $30 a night and right near loads of cool stuff (Bowery/Bleaker/that row of bars where Pianos etc was).


You travelling alone?

I’m heading for work in a few weeks and have managed to convince them to let me stay on for the weekend. I booked this place, seems like a small room but very cheap for Manhattan and apparently good for solo travellers.

Would have liked to have stayed in Brooklyn but everything was far more expensive and it’s a few mins walk to the subway.


Yeah alone.that was like £550 for the 5nights I wanted. Booked a private room in hostel. Doesnt look great but will encourage me to stay out all day.


@meowington can I have all your vegan recommendations please?


Champs diner in Brooklyn is very worth the visit!
Jajaja for amazing Mexican
Any whole foods for breakfast bits (they do vegan muffins and all sorts of stuff)
By chloe is quite good
There’s a place inside Chelsea market that does amazing vegan halva
Errmmm can’t remember what else! We went to Champs twice cause it was so good and near our hotel. Then ate at whole foods a lot cause they do buffalo soy chickn :drooling_face:


Superiority Burger in Manhattan. They’re small but really really good


If you want moderately fancy Modern Love in Brooklyn was amazing.

Opposite end of the spectrum was Screamers Pizzeria, all vegan pizza by the slice. Had an incredible garlic and cashew ricotta white pizza which I have thought about almost every day since. Ate a ridiculous amount for about $20. Amazing.


When you there?