New York

Mrs S and I are planning a trip to New York in January before she gets too pregnant to travel.

Anyone have any recommendations for hotels? Ideally something similar to the Michelberger in Berlin or Ace in London. There is an Ace Hotel in NY but not sure about location etc.

Also want to spend the week eating great vegan food so any restaurant tips would be appreciated.


I understand there are quite a lot of hotels in New York city.


I stayed at michelburger in Berlin after some of the TV’s right on friends recommend it. It was shit. Why does everyone love it?

I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel once. It’s closed now, though, as I understand. So this information is of no use to you.

General experience is that Manhattan hotels are expensive and small. If you’re happy with that then fine, but don’t rule out staying off Manhattan (Brooklyn/Queens) because the subway is cheap and convenient.

Although heavily pregnant may want you to minimise subway travel I guess

I love the East Village and Brooklyn. I picked The Marcel at Gramercy purely for that reason. I’ll leave proper Midtown and Times Square/Broadway for first time tourists.

The Marcel at Gramercy is walking distance to the East Village and very near the Subway station to get to Williamsburg (the L line I think.) I’ve stayed 30 seconds away from Times Square and again near Grand Central but the location of The Marcel last year was the best for me. I’d pick that again when I go again.

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A lot folk seem to gravitate towards midtown as, in theory, it’s close to everything, but unfortunately midtown in itself is boring as fuck.

I usually stay in The Frederick (nee The Cosmopolitan) in Tribeca, which is a nice enough spot…

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It’s meant to reopen next year, but it seems like the owners just want to turn it into apartments. The whole thing is hindered by long-term residents who can’t be evicted though. Weird situation.

Stayed in Gramercy myself, found it had the best location/cost


We stayed here:

Was great. Bit pricey though (was for honeymoon tbf).

Lots of vegetarian/vegan places in Williamsburg

It was a long term resident’s apartment that I stayed in, while they were themselves on vacation.

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Check out all you millionaires staying in hotels on Manhattan.


Stayed in Manhattan twice and Williamsburg once. Preferred Williamsburg. Subway in for the sites and away from the madness with much cooler bars and restaurants at night

Hotel on Rivington is nice. In Lower East Side.
Wythe Hotel just over Williamsbury Bridge is good too. Probably nicer, but I found we ended up getting the subway back to Manhattan all the time.

Take her up the empire state building.

congratulations by the way m9!


Another vote for Hotel on Rivington.

Greenwich Village is always good.

Big fan of those guys

Wish someone had given me that advice months ago REEEEY etc.


Go to superiority burger for the best vegan stuff I’ve had anywhere ever.