Newcastle - solitary

I’m in Newcastle this evening on my own, and I need somewhere to eat. I can claim it back on expenses.

Where will I look least mental eating on my own, but enjoy a decent meal?

Maximum cost £20, due to that being what I have.


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I always find the best burger joint I can when out on expenses.

This is the sort of thing I had in mind, although @Aggpass might actually have a decent shout regarding not looking mental being on my own.

I think burger joints are good for looking normal on your own as well

In fact it’s a Tuesday night, being on your own is fine anywhere really

Somewhere like Wagamama or yo sushi where you’re not sat at a table set for 2.

But to be honest I normally don’t give a crap about that.

Actually, is there a Wahaca in Newcastle? Go there.

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Wags is my go to expense meal on a city I don’t know. Good, can get a main, a side and a drink for under £20, fast, and the canteen feel makes it feel a bit less weird to go solo

What’s your go-to main?

I’ve recently switched.

Only been 2 or 3 times as a veggie and have had something different each time. The sweet potato katsu was pretty decent iirc

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This and some of those pickles

Chicken parmo

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Anyone ever been to Smashburger?

Go to Bierrex for BBQ, or Longhorns for BBQ

I used to go to Pani’s when I was eating on my own.

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What’s that?

Little cheap Italian place on High Bridge, just off Grey Street

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Panis is a bit like penis isn’t it? Just a fun observation.

Looks quite nice, thanks.