Thinking of doing a weekend there - not been since 2009 so just wandering what’s it like these days?

Really liked the Cluny and that area (obvs) when I was there.

Remember also walking in from the east along the Tyne and seeing the city all lit up at nightime was quite a view.

Any good pub, cafe, venue, restaurant or anything really recommendations?

It’s not even new


Also, the castle is old

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By the River Brew Co was great for some drinks with a cracking view, and nice collection of food stalls just round the corner. Enjoy everything on at the Baltic contemporary art gallery too.

not there any more. he fucked off as soon as that nestle money started rolling in.

There are some tips in this post (and the one from @nestor within it).

Most of that will still be in date, but check before you go.

Since then there’s a lot of stuff that’s opened up on the Gateshead side under the Tyne bridge - street food markets, tap rooms etc. All worth a look.

get on the radgie man why aye!

Make sure you catch Andy Carroll: The Homecoming

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You can’t keep donkeys in youth centres there. They don’t allow it.

There’s not even a dozen decent boozers there

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Quick trip down to spennymoor

FYI, I believe the fog on The Tyne belongs entirely to a Mr Paul Gascoigne

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Is this Jamaican? I can never tell.