#NewDiSForumsFruitAndVegDay I'm in the market for a new peeler


Honestly I thought I was doing fine with my standard, bottom of the range peeler. But then I had a butternut squash to sort out and it just couldn’t handle it. Advise me or brag about your peeler in here


I just use a knife to peel my gourds. :fearful:


This one is better in theory than in practice:


Don’t use a peeler. I use a small knife if I have to or I just don’t peel stuff.

You peeling carrots?


I have been tipped off that I am getting a global one very soon! Fuck off @fidel_catstro

I am currently using an oxo goodgrips


more of a just use a knife kinda gal


What a surprise


Just get a simple Y peeler, will change your life for the better.


I had to become a disgusting knife-peeling savage. Really don’t want to have to associate with scum like that for too long


depends on where their from and what I’m using them for:
Supermarket, to be cooked - never
Supermarket, to be eaten raw - rarely
Fruit and Veg stall, to be cooked - normally, depends how dirty/hairy they are
Fruit and Veg stall, to be eaten raw - always peel


This thread has reminded me to purchase a magnetic strip knife holder.


how’s the goodgrips? been eyeing that up


Yeah it is good. Do you want to buy mine as I am upgrading?


This man knows what he’s talking about.


FYI Knife idiots - A decent peeler is also excellent for carrot ribbons.


They’re only £8 new, so probably not worth it with the postage etc. If I was near the ponds I’d be all over it though