Any of you lot hang out naked? When and where?

Contrary to what may be popular belief I spend most of my time at least in boxers/comfy shorts.

That said some nice nudey time when the weather is nice and in a relevant place can be quite freeing.


It’s not even Thursday yet.


Hah, I nearly did the same NewDiS/nudist pun thread.

In answer… sometimes. My flat gets hot and isn’t overlooked…


Very rare periods of being naked for me. I don’t really enjoy it.


Right, and where? Just for EmO’s spreadsheet, y’know.


best outfit is just shorts


Being naked is not filthy though, you big prude.

Tomorrow we can talk about whether peop;e would rather be dom or sub or something I dunno



Glad someone picked up on that :smiley:


Hang out naked in my room now and then. Mostly after a shower when I don’t feel like putting clothes on straight away after drying myself.


it’s not really that comfy though is it? I’m always getting my balls stuck on something


Done the World Naked Bike Ride a few times. Forgot to mention it in the cycling thread as a potential DiS meet up this year :+1:

If I go on holiday somewhere that has a nude beach will usually give it a go. Being naked outside is a nice change occasionally…



Being naked is much better at like, a (approved, sanctioned) pool, beach or whatever because the surfaces tend to be more nude friendly and you can get sun on your buns. Sitting on the sofa with your knackers out just feels a bit strange.


just fyi i’m not reading your posts anymore


Especially if you have a leather sofa.


Which I do!


Anyone been to any beaches or swims/saunas? I like the idea but it’s have to be hot plus I’m not a massive fan of beeches and am really pale so would be hiding in the shade all the time.


Yeah, love it. Obvs gonna have to lock it down at some point but quite happy to stroll around the place nakey.

Sub btw.


I had a (LEGAL) formative teenage sexual experience on a leather sofa. Swore off them for life after that.

The sofas, too.


Yep, I also have to stay out of the sun really, but can be nice for a little bit before still sitting under an umbrella or something.