Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


Got these before from Tescos. Thought they’d be like a chocolate Rich Tea, but they’re properly thin. Had a whole packet. 9/10.


god i’ve missed that kitchen counter.


Almost made a thread about the same thin(g)s. Absolutely demolished an entire pack and will do again.


Thins are big in at the moment. Odd they’re more moreish.


Have you have RITZ THINS, Theo, my old buddy, my old pal?


Dark chocolate ones > Milk chocolate imho

Letting them chill in the fridge is my tip


Sainsos pretzels


M&Ms Peanut & Hazelnut

The Hazelnut M&Ms were awesome, shame they were mostly peanut :frowning: 7/10


Correct on both counts.

As with all chocolate, the freezer is your friend.


Just getting in to toffifees at the moment. Don’t know if they count though.


Apple turnovers from Sainsbury’s! Love discovering stuff I can still eat


Just for the record are you pretending you freeze bars of chocolate?


Have been eating too much of these in the last few weeks. Have had to stop buying otherwise I eat the lot in one sitting.


Next time you’re planning on having a dooby, stick a packet of orange Clubs in the freezer for a couple of hours beforehand, it’ll change your life. The softer chocolate is the less pleasant it is to eat…think about it.


Can’t recall ever having a lovely orange Club bar and thinking, oh this would be better if it was much harder, but I’m willing to accept you may have considered doing it once or twice.


The woman has bought me some ‘bagel thins’ for my lunch this week. I’ll let you know tomorrow…

@bugduv @Ruffers

My housemate used to put his chocolate in the freezer, I can see it’s not for everyone though. Personally I find fridge temperature does the job for me.


Humanity just never ceases to reach new lows does it


Are you suggesting any sort of refrigeration is too much?


Ah nah everything (most things) in moderation


No but man… I want to now