Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated

Was very excited when I walked past the Company Shop earlier and saw a load of Stilton Mini Cheddars in there. Definitely having a go on those later. Will update you as and when.

seen the advert for these but not seen them in shops… Im waiting.

I was surprised to see heaps of them in the knock off shop at work considering they seem to be a pretty new thing.

there’s three new ones

From what I saw, it was only the Stilton ones in-t’shop.

Sorry to steal your thunder mate but I just got these. Can confirm they are a fucking revelation. 10/10.

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At least I know it’s definitely worth a walk to the shop in a bit.

Full disclaimer: they were the first thing I’ve eaten all day, and I’ve been up since 5am, so may be prone to exaggeration. Definitely really fucking good though.

If I hadn’t just got back into the office from lunch I would be searching for a pack of these right now.

In other snack news, big fan of these bad boys from Aldi. Plus they’re made of peas so presumably count towards your five-a-day…


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This did not happen.

same :kissing_heart:

no idea how new they are but picked some of these up in whsmiths the other day at the airport and MY WORD :kissing_closed_eyes::yum:


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well they’re still new to me goddammit


I can confirm that these pea snacks are very good.

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My word they are good! Wasn’t expecting great things, but they’ve got a really good quality and quantity of flavour to them.


What other flavours are available? I may need to investigate.

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Red Leicester and Smoked Applewood apparently!

Applewood could be interesting. Obviously Red Leicester will be the exact same as normal ones but more orange.

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But agree looking unlikely now.