Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


I like Oreos - but they look like cat treats. No thanks


These from Lidl are really nice.


Said like a true Brexiteer! British biscuits for British people!


Lidl biscuits are all delicious. Going later, might have to stock up.


I prefer big ones ahahahahahaha


It’s weird because Beer52 sends a pack out with each of their boxes, and as good as the crisps are they are a realllly bad match for craft beer. Nice with a plain lager maybe, but how are you gonna taste the subtleties of a DDH DIPA when your mouth is on fire from some spicy crisps??


Didn’t even go in the end, joke’s on me!


Au contraire! As Shiggo points, out, the Teutonic chaps on the continent know a thing or two about delicious biscuits.

While we’re on the subject of biscuits, Deutschland, and ruddy gruddy Brexity propaganda - as I’m sure you already, know re: Empire biscuits, but for the FYI of those that don’t…

The biscuit was originally known as the “Linzer Biscuit”, and later the “Deutsch Biscuit”. With the outbreak of the First World War it was renamed: in England to Empire biscuit, in Scotland to Belgian biscuit because Belgium had just been invaded, but in Northern Ireland it remains known as the German Biscuit or biscuit bun.

Mmmmmm. Biscuits.


imagine buying fucking Oeros over Choco Leibniz.

Laughably absurd.


Genuinely the choice of a wrong 'un.



Got through a tub of these in the space of a week. The perfect beer snack. Crispy pretzel pieces filled with peanut butter. Salty / sweet / crunchy. Available in Costco. 10/10 would eat 56 servings (yeah right, EIGHT is a mouthful, not a serving) again.







Newish? You can see them being sold in the second season of Alan Partridge in the petrol station (I only know this because my wife loves them, you can get brioche ones as well).


oh hi snack police, anything going down in biscuit law this week?


so these are like if dime bars and m&ms had babies.


(i didn’t know you could get brioche that sounds amaze)



Just walk on son or you might find yourself in a lot of trouble.