Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


“do you have a license for that yum yum, sir?”


Had those new Doritos mixed flavours, jalapeno and guacamole, were fine, but they tasted fuck all like guacamole.


Been eating these, are they an Irish thing?

They are made from cassava and loads of other stuff I’ve never heard of and chemicals, ingredients list is fairly terrifying tbh


They’re quite popular here, though I don’t know if they’re limited to Ireland. good texture and crunch but have never taken a sconce at the ingredients.


I knew about these almost 2 years ago (one of my atds works for Mars), but neglected to say anything, sorry!


These are so good.

The Child really enjoyed them too.


These were in the shop at work for cheap the other week, so bought a few bags. They are surprisingly decent.


what is a complet?

is it like dry bread?


Been on these with a bit of continental meat and cheese for my lunches this week. :ok_hand:


Like a really posh bit of toast.


@meowington would dig this






is this some supermarket from the future? :scream: (where’d you buy these from!?)


the San Pelly was from a Cafe Nero in Cambridge

the Kit Kat was from a tiny corner shop somewhere in… no idea where. Puckeridge?


why can you now get these in a supermarket but still not get peanut butter m&ms as standard. madness.


Must get one of those KitKats.


these are sensational.
went get some more today but the shelf had been cleared. Was stood there for a fully 30 seconds in mourning


mamma mia
peach drinks are rank but that’s a nice looking tin, reckon ant will be all over it


the KitKats are everywhere


they have a lemon one too