Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


fuck, where is my nearest cafe nero


Tesco are carrying those kit kats fyi everyone. Seen in both metros and full size shops.

They’re ok? Pretty similar to the cheesecake one. I do know @ttf wasn’t a fan.

I still miss the coconut ones :frowning:


Should have gone in the afternoon when they’d restocked.


Where can I possibly maybe procure myself a packet of these?


Sainsbury’s are doing them fairly extensively too.


The co-op :+1:


Thanks :+1:


Enjoyable. Feels like I’m eating mini Werther’s originals wraoped in m and ms


Are these new? Just polished off a whole bag, lovely chilli kick to contrast the fruityness.


Had them a few years (2015 maybe) but yeah, they’re tasty


Would scoff again.


Would never in a million years think anything ‘korma’ flavoured would be nice… and yet, here I am saying that these were pretty damn nice:


Loved these but have trouble finding them.


I can vouch for these £1 in Sainsbury’s, nice mildness to the sour, don’t feel like I’m permanently damaging my teeth tangfastic style


bloody love these. 10/10 sweet, next level.


a friend got me some of these as an extra present when I catsitted for her earlier this year. not even a big sweets fan, but would 9/10 would sweets again


You know whose company that is though?


I do not, laelf. probs someone awful?


Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea. About as anti-DiS as it gets. Sorry if this ruins the sweets for you.

(the candy kittens, bit the firecrackers)


ahh boo.

I mean idk what he’s done (what bad things has he done?), but I guess I’m not surprised that the owner of a company is also a bad person.