Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated


The salted caramel fudge Kit Kat Chunky is the best new chocolate bar since they introduced the peanut butter one a few years back. Massively eclipses the new york cheesecake and cookie dough varieties. Watershed moment for confectionery.


Jamie seems pretty sound tbf. YEAAAAH BOI

Plus he’s heir to the McVitie’s fortune, good treats are in his DNA.


Have they backed off the “tasty new recipe!” bullshit yet?

(they ruined SP by reducing the sugar and adding artificial sweetener to make it up, in a move definitely motivated by improving the drinks and not avoiding the sugar tax at all, no way sir)



I’m a big fan of this. If I wasn’t trying to eat better I’d be buying them by the boxloads. Despite being Nestle.


Flipz have gone up to £1.99 a bag. State of it.


Honestly not something I ever thought a disser would say :woman_shrugging:


I have fond memories of the first couple of series of MIC. Met a few of them because of my line of work at the time, and they were all lovely in person (Ollie, Francis, Cheska). I’ve always though Jamie and Spencer seemed like nice guys, I really admire Spencer’s commitment to appearing on every single celeb reality show going.


Browsing the sauce aisle in Sainsbo’s, as you do, and something caught my eye…

Perfectly decent chilli relish for just twenty of your Great British Pence.

Don’t know if this is just a pricing error at this store, or they’re flogging it that cheap across the board.


Would imagine it’s been discontinued either by the Bo or gbk themselves


Also get yourself over to hot UK deals think of all the heat you could get!!!


They’ll also be able to tell you if the red sticker is store specific or nationwide.


New, as in ‘has been released since I was born’, but I have just tried a pack of Milky Way Crispy Rolls for the first time.

P. decent. Would scoff again.


Thought these were highly disappointing, wish I’d tried the jalapeno iteration.

Flavour would work better with another element rather than solo wasabi I reckon.


so far I’ve had the cheese and chicken wings flavour of these, and I’ve not liked either of them much




linky no worky fucksake.


Yessss! Got a real edge over regular hoops imo


Maltesers buttons.


That is all.

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

The Jalapeno ones are nice, the rest are bad

Thread for places where if the next reply was the reply to the last one then it's amusing (rolling)

Thought they were shite