Newish supermarket snacks you've investigated

Dib Dab ones exist too

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Not feeling the fruit salad or wham ones but Dib Dab? Yes please.

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Been inhaling these knock-off after eights from tescos. They’re solid mint dark choc with honeycomb in, they’re delightful.


Think my grandparents used to have these years back - delicious , like circular matchmakers

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Please respect Elizabeth Shaw, these came before After Eights.

Excellent mint chocolate, also ideal foil wrapper to throw at drunk people snoozing. A real Christmas tradition these.


Suppose really they’re just mini quiches but are very good. Think they’ve got the edge on the cheese profiteroles I tried a week or two back.

(Is there a Xmas food thread?)

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Two Sainsbury’s finds

These taste proper like Jalapeno crisps that Real made, but a bit spicier. Good stuff

No picture online and cba taking one myself but they also do Gingerbread and White Chocolate cookies which are predictably ace

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